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Spirit of Love

The world to which I belong,

Is not the world of melody and song.

It is filled with few people very strong,

Who are powered with many destructive bombs.

Corruption is eating up the whole world,

People screaming for justice often go unheard,

The list of scams has become very long,

With it the names of leaders are going along.

The only work of scientists is to invent destructive weapons,

The machine men are ready to come out of cabins,

They are ready to send many helpless people to graves,

This is the time quick action should be taken by man.

And the evil spirit should be hung.

All people should be united.

Who am I?

You will think I am blue in colour,

But I haven't got any colour.

You will think you can touch me,

But you can't touch me.

You can only visit me

So I am like a dream.

Sometimes I'm very pleasant,

But at times I'm very naughty.

I suffer the sun,

I bear the moon,

I'm very tolerant,

So I'm like a mother.

A true friend

A true friend is very precious.

It is the most important thing that comes

after parents, elders and teachers.

I am glad to have a best friend Devinda,

And I am going to protect him always.



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