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Saint Helen

Saint Helen was an Empress of Rome. At the beginning she was not a Christian. But our Lord soon gave her the gift of faith. Her son Constantine was also a Pagan. But when his mother became a Christian he started thinking about converting.

Helen went to Jerusalem when she was eighty. She wanted to find the Cross on which Our Lord had touched a very sick woman who was cured. Later on, Helen’s son fought his strongest enemy. He remembered the Cross his mother loved and he vowed to become a Christian if he won. He did win and the Cross became a sign of victory for the entire world.

Saint Helen by her prayers and example, made her son Constantine the first Christian ruler of the world. We celebrate her feast on 18th August.


My name is Nethuka Dinuth Sirithunga. My school is Taxila Junior College. I am in Grade 3. I live in Horana. I have a sister. My best friend is Chanul. My favourite subject is Mathematics. My favourite colour is red. I like to play cricket. I like to be a pilot one day.

The greatest composer of all time

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg in Austria on 27th January 1756. His parents Leopald and Anna Maria knew that he was special from the beginning. Wolfgang was taught by his father who was a violinist and composer as well as an author.

By the age of six, Mozart could play the piano, violin and organ. At this age he wrote five piano pieces based on the tune ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star.’ When Mozart was only seven his father took his family on a tour of Western Europe. At the end of the tour, Mozart and his sister performed in Brussels, Paris, London, Mainz and Frankfurt.

He began composing longer pieces of music and he completed his first symphony at the age of nine. In 1769 he was given his father’s job as concert master. In 1778 his mother died and he returned to Salzburg. He got married and had six children but only two survived. Mozart passed away in 1791, after ten years of ill health and poverty. He was only 35 years old but he had already become one of the greatest composers in the world.

Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is caused due to many reasons. Water pollution is caused by releasing dirty water and chemicals into rivers, streams and oceans. Air pollution occurs when factories release poisonous gases and smoke into the atmosphere.

We should stop polluting our environment and keep it clean.

My childhood

Everyone has a childhood. It is a very important part of our lives. When we grow old we gradually become weak and we cannot play games and sports.

I am enjoying my childhood. Some incidents in my childhood are unforgettable. One day I went into my grandmother’s room when she was in the kitchen. I took her medicines and almost drank it. But fortunately my grandmother came into the room and saw me.

We should all enjoy our childhood because we get it only once in our lifetime.


‘Leisure’, is just a seven letter word which brings enjoyment and fun. Children read books, newspapers and do gardening during their leisure time. In addition to this they can also take part in fun activities.

Children should not play computer games and watch television for long hours because it can cause them to become overweight. Children should not waste their leisure time.

Importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. It should not be skipped, especially by growing children and teenagers. Breakfast improves mental and physical performance. It helps to maintain a healthy body weight. Lack of concentration, lethargy and behavioural problems can be seen among children who skip breakfast.

Poor health also results from not having breakfast. Research has been done on children who have breakfast and those who do not. It is found that children who have breakfast before going to school have higher grades in Mathematics and Reading. Children who have a healthy breakfast meet their daily nutritional needs.

Festivals in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has many cultural, religious and national festivals. Dalada Perahera and Kumbal Perahera are cultural festivals. Many tourists come to see the Dalada festival which is held in July every year. Vesak, Christmas, Thai Pongal and Ramazan are religious festivals. Vesak is celebrated by Buddhists and we make Vesak lanterns and pandals for this festival. Thai Pongal is celebrated by Hindus. Christmas is celebrated by Christians. National festivals are celebrated by all Sri Lankans. May Day also known as Labour Day is an important national festival. We should celebrate these festivals together and protect our culture for future generations.


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