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Thirty eight JO MPs to boycott convention

UPFA Ratnapura District MP Ranjith de Zoysa said, all 38 SLFP MPs in the Joint Opposition (JO) have decided to boycott the SLFP Convention in Kurunegala today. The SLFP MPs in the JO had taken the final decision after consulting the Bala Mandalas in their respective electorates.


Sri Lanka Freedom Party Turning65 growing stronger

Sirimavo Bandaranaike made history by being sworn in as the world’s first woman Prime Minister on July 21, 1960. The establishment of the People’s Bank, nationalization of Bank of Ceylon, setting up of the Insurance Corporation and nationalization of petroleum companies which were under foreign control were giant steps taken by her, towards socialism.


Opp. Leader R. Sampanthan: "Devolution is not partition . . ." :

OMP law needs proper implementation

While sticking to the basic Tamil political position for 'greater devolution', Opposition Leader, TNA head and, Sri Lankan Tamil community political elder R. Sampanthan last week would not specify areas for more provincial powers, hinting at a possible softening of line by the Tamil leadership.

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