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Sunday, 27 March 2005  
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Ponder this

The dogs in a certain house would come to the front compound at certain times and play about frolicking and occasionally growling at the passers-by. One day recently, I found that they were quiet and inactive lying down and looking at the passers-by with sadness in their faces. The reason was that a few days earlier the lady of the house had passed away.

If the death of a person could bring about such a trauma to the dogs how much would the death of the parents by the tsunami disaster have brought on their orphaned children.

These children need all the love and care in the world to bring them to somewhat normalcy. And they should also be well protected from sex maniacs, some of whom might come even in the guise of benevolent protectors.

Arul, Colombo 13.

Sinful treat

The calf from whom your dish come goes through sheer hell before the product. This calf will never know the pleasure of sucking at his mother's teat to feel the fresh, pure milk coursing down his tender throat?

It was an antibiotic-laced formula that is force-fed into his soft mouth to come out at his other end as a continuing trickle of diarrhoea, in which he lay, breathing in and choking on the ammonia gases. During his entire life he remains chained into a space not more than 22 inches wide and 56 inches long.

His prison is purposely made to prevent him from walking, turning or even moving. If suspected of being anaemic, your own child would be rushed to the doctor. The veal calf is purposely kept anaemic. In fact, he is kept alive in such conditions of extreme torture by routine administration of drugs, all passed on to you, the consumer.

The next time you open the menu and spot the word, as a fancied dish, just think how it got there!

Prema Ranawaka Das, Moratuwa.

They hoot these days

Presently, there are several private (FM) radio stations in Sri Lanka in addition to the state owned electronic media institutions. Every one who listens to these Sinhala FM radio stations can understand well that the language, used by comperes or the program presenters is in fact, ludicrous.

These persons who often use a mixed language (Sinhala and English) speak our mother language in a manner that is very unpleasant and loathsome to hear. These persons, while speaking Sinhala needlessly use English words though they're not proficient in both languages. Their main aim is to lure the listeners, especially youth into their radio stations.

Likewise, they use the local vernacular and not a proper language when reading the news. These fellows sometimes laugh aloud and hoot and go on speaking nonsense while presenting their good-for-nothing programs. They have no understanding of the role of the media.

L.W.G.C. Kumara, Colombo 10.

Abode for criminals, addicts

The construction of unauthorised huts, some with bricks in garden No. 67, 66 Qurashani Moulana Ln and 37 School Ln NHS in the Maligakande/Maligawatte wards is creating untold hardships for residents and school children.

They also pose as health hazards. People are living in fear as these huts with illegal electricity are the haunts of criminals and drug addicts who operate from these spots over the CGR foot-bridge in the night. Municipal labourers find it difficult to bring their carts to clear wastage due to these huts that have come up over the drain and in the lanes.

The public toilet at Floors Ln. is filthy, also the drains near 67/57 Floors Ln and 225/52 Gospel Ln stinks and flooded with water. There were some planks, probably pieces of broken chairs, thrown hither and thither to enable one to go on tip toes to the required place.

Parapet walls along CGR route in the area gives much more inconvenience as the walls are broken, trees grown up over the walls and many railway materials are passing through these gaps.

Senior Citizen, Dematagoda.

Two thumbs up!

Schoolchildren and their parents in particular, must be grateful to the Transport Minister for providing railway carriages exclusively for schoolchildren.

The train travellers too, must help maintain this valuable facility without intruding into these school carriages. Parents themselves must set an example to others by refraining from travelling in these carriages.

Many railway stations do not have the facilities to park the trains within their platforms, as most of them are shorter than the trains.

As a result, the school carriage at the rear side of the train will not reach the platform. Those children who attempt to get on to the train from the rail-track level will be in danger. Others who entrain from the platform have to pass through crowded passengers to find their way to the carriage.

Therefore, it is necessary to make some adjustments in coupling the carriages so as to have the school carriage in a suitable position to reach the platform.

M. R. A. L. Gunasinghe, Veyangoda.

Mathematical problem

At the last GCE O/L examination 60 per cent of the candidates had failed in Mathematics. Now in order to increase the percentage of passes the authorities intend to permit the use of calculators at examinations.

This is indeed a pointless exercise.

Pupils would have to be given a training in the use of calculators. That would debar the pupils from grasping the basic concepts of mathematics namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Permitting calculators at examinations would only emphasise the height of sheer folly.

P. A. Binduhewa, Panadura.

Anti-conversion Law

Religions have always got on quite well without any moves for their protection. Our own history will demonstrate this. Centuries of dominance by nations holding to other faiths has not prevented the flourishing of the majority, indigenous religion that has continued to remain that of the vast majority.

World history shows that religious laws have resulted in persecution. The proposed legislation opens opportunities for it. Tamil Nadu which had similar legislation, has rescinded it.

It is very laudable that our representatives are to be given a 'free vote'. It will be still more praiseworthy if voting is by secret ballot.

Only then will it be really free. It would indeed be ironical as, otherwise, the selfsame coercion which this law itself seeks to prohibit will, in a very subtle fashion be imposed on our MPs.

One who loves his country, Nawala.

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