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Australian resident or willing to migrate partner sought by 76 born Australian resident working as an Accountant for an established company. Please write full details with horoscope to [email protected]

A Buddhist Salagama mother retired graduate teacher seeks suitable partner for N.I.B.M. Computer Diploma holder ACS qualified, BCS Computer Degree completed attractive daughter 31, 5'1" Senior Software Engineer drawing a handsome salary working in reputed firm. Caste immaterial. Email: [email protected]

Age 28+ fair slim Sinhala, with assets holds Speech and language Therapist Diploma from Faculty of Medicine Ragama. Seeks simple kind caring partner. [email protected]

B/G respectable parents from Colombo seek doctor or professionally qualified partner with sober habits for daughter MBBS doctor 27 yrs. 5' 4" pleasant. Reply with horoscope and family details. E-mail [email protected]

Buddhist Karawe mother seeks partner for daughter 46 qualified Accountant. Malefic horoscope.

B/G parents professionals seek academically and professionally qualified, refined, caring partner with sober habits, sound character, over 5'8" in height, 32-35 years old, for their UK qualified doctor daughter with full postgraduate specialist qualifications undergoing consultant training in a London Hospital 31 years, 5'5", pretty, slim, fair and well accomplished. Please reply with career, education, family details and horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

G/B parents seek a suitable partner for dughter 36, a graduate from an Australian Uni and living and working in Melbourne. Her father, only sister and brother-in-law are all Medical Specialists. She owns a couple of properties and occupies one. She also stands to inherit substantial assets. Those currently living in Australia, preferably Melbourne, are preferred. Caste not essential. and can expect to join a very close family. Replies to be sent [email protected]

G/B mother seeks a well educated, smart, handsome professional partner below 45 (preferably from USA) for her daughter. She is pretty, 5'3", attractive, educated (Masters Degree), charming, accomplished and well employed in a leading company in America. E-mail - [email protected] 94-11-5632048.

G/B 52 years 5'3" Australian citizen lady seeks suitable partner below 57 years currently in SL for 2 weeks. E-mail [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents residing in UK seek an educated partner residing in UK for their pretty professionally qualified 24 years old daughter working in London. Please reply with family details Email: [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist parents in UK seek a professionally qualified partner for their 27 year old Doctor (MBBS, UK). Apply with horoscope and family details. Email [email protected]

Mother seeks a suitable partner for a pleasant, younger looking 40 years old daughter, presently working as a Maths Teacher (a graduate OUSL) in a leading government school. Height 5' 3". G/B. Reply in Sinhala / English with horoscope. (Can be considered even to migrate).

Norway based parents from very respectable and cultured Tamil Hindu family of doctors seek a well qualified (pref. Doctor, Engineer or Chartered Accountant etc), handsome, sociable, reliable, height 5'11" or above age within 28 boy for their only child / daughter 5th year medical student in Norway 5'8" slim, fair and pretty. Please respond to e-mail: [email protected] with full details & horoscope. Will be treated confidentially.

Professional, mixed parents, seek for pretty 20-year old undergraduate daughter, a suitable life partner below 27 years, English-speaking and professionally qualified willing to reside in Canada. Only serious replies with full details please. [email protected]

Roman Catholic mother teacher seeks a suitable partner for Convent educated daughter aged 38, 5' 5 1/2" smart fair and young looking reasonable dowry including land, cash and household assets. Caste immaterial. Buddhist considered. Tel. 94-11-2647087.

Respectable Sinhala Buddhist parents from Colombo seek a partner professionally qualified or an educated businessman for their MBBS Doctor daughter divorcee (innocent party) 37 yrs. 5'6" in height with good character. Race, religion immaterial. Applicants from overseas welcome.

Sinhalese Buddhist Viswakula parents residing in Australia seek a professionally qualified steady partner brought up in the Buddhist way of life for their very fair very pretty, professionally qualified daughter 29 years 5ft 4 ins working in a prestigious firm in Australia. Caste immaterial. Please apply with horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Well connected G/B parents seek a partner for their 21 years old 5'5" tall, fair, slim, pretty daughter. She is a Pre-med, Biology Major, graduating from a University in USA in May and is a green card holder. She has valuable assets which include a house and property. She will be in Sri Lanka in June. Doctors, medical students preferred. Reply with horoscope and details. E-mail - [email protected]




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