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The glory, and beauty that is-Narnia to go on the Boards

Some Characters

Tarik Jayasuriya will play the faun Tumnus, the very faun who befriends Lucy (the youngest of the four children) when she first enters Narnia.

A stage between worlds. A portal, into the world of Narnia is being created. This magical portal, however, will only be open on May 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 at S. Thomas' College premises. Tickets are available at the College office, the Barefoot Gallery, and the Liberty Plaza lobby.

The roles of the two friendly beavers (the very same beavers who lead the children to Aslan) will be played by Arjun De Alwis, and Milindra Kulugammana. Dilan John will play the amiable Father Christmas, and Chaminda Dias and Suranthaka Cabraal will play the two Leopards who are Aslan's official messengers.

The College Hall has been modified in several ways, in order to give you, the audience, a more realistic vision of the way Narnia would have appeared in the mind of Her creator. We assure you that were C.S. Lewis himself given the opportunity to watch this rendition of his timeless classic, he would have no complaints.

Everything from the warmth of summer, to the chill of winter will be faithfully created for you. The cast and crew of this production has endeavored for months, planning, plotting, and executing plans and plots, in order to bring you the unadulterated, pristine realm of Narnia.

The show will be followed by a grand fireworks display, and for those of you who wish it, dinner on the quadrangle, while being serenaded by the College Chamber Orchestra.

Aslan's kingdom is nearing completion. Animals have been given voice. Waters have been given divinity. Life has been breathed into a dream.


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