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I wanted to write about what happens to students after leaving school, because I'm facing it.

I was a student at Bishop's College Colombo. I have done my A/L exam and waiting to get into a university abroad. I was not able to get a Sri Lankan university because I did lot of other activities in school which I was good at and I was not interested in only getting book knowledge I want to be practical, to have a good career in my life.

But now all I have to do is depend on my parents for my future. What is this education doing to us, we study like animals in school for these exams, go for tuition all week without doing what we like or what we are good at, and then they put us out from school only with 'book' knowledge to do what ever we can to survive, we have never been trained how to start a career after school. We are just lost.

I am a student from a Colombo school so, I at least have a knowledge of English but I pity the village students. We don't have enough private universities for children who want to continue studies.

When the government comes up with a good idea, some kind idiot comes and stops it. I guess this is the reason why our country is in such a low position. All our leaders know is to fool the average person.

The big people in high seats will send their children to the best of universities in the world providing every thing they need. I wonder how they do it from a monthly salary because you will have to spend more than Rupees two million for a course that's for sure.

All I could ask is for the government to give the children who want to study, to give a loan facility which they can pay after earning or getting into some private university in the country, then education would not be this kind of a problem for students. And all the money we waste in other countries will be in our country and we will have more foreign exchange.

Every developing country has changed their education system to suit the growing needs of the world. Sri Lanka is far behind. Politicians have ruined our country and they will continue doing it to win the elections.

All they know is to scream and shout on stage and our TV Channels about what they can't and what they haven't done for all these years. What kind of a country we live in. I wish one day I will be able to chase all these crooks away and make this place a better place to live with an educated population in the country.

Tharika Kaluarachchi, 19 years



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