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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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A lady in 40s working for NHS London likes to meet a person with good qualities. [email protected] 

A well employed educated partner of good background sought by G/B parents for their well educated 36-year-old  5'3" fair pretty slim daughter holding prestigious position in financial sector drawing high salary with valuable land assets and own car. email: [email protected]

B/G family from Colombo seeks compatible caring partner for daughter 31, 5'3" fair pleasant qualified in Finance & employed in private sector has Australian PR, prefers to live in Sri Lanka after few years abroad. [email protected]

Buddhist Viswakula eldest brother seeks well  educated handsome tall partner for youngest sister 27 yrs, 5'9" tall pretty Visakha educated IT Graduate  Lecturer. Dowry available, caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo resident Govi Buddhist mother seeks academically professionally qualified partner for 34 yrs, 5'3" pretty fair young-looking University Lecturer IT currently reading PhD on scholarship in Australia PR holder returning shortly with substantial means.

G/B Medical Consultant in Colombo seeks for 2nd daughter 28 yrs 5'4" slim fair PhD  qualified UK/SL dual citizen  permanently employed in London a professional partner below 32 yrs  preferably resident in UK. Send horoscope. 

I am slim tall beauty in 40s professional wish to contact humble kind gentleman. [email protected]

Kandy G/B  retired parents seek G/B educated professional bachelor partner below 36 for well-mannered smart and pleasant-looking daughter 32, 5'2" reading for a Business Management Degree in a reputed University while employed in a Bank in UK. Phone 0044 (0) 7963743655 e-mail : [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist professional parents seek tall handsome fair non-smoker teetotaller Doctor / Medical student for 25-year-old 5'4" pretty slim fair excellent charactered final year medical student daughter. Has dual citizenship UK/SL. Brought up in SL with Sinhala Buddhist values. Inherits assets. Marriage after final MBBS in 2008. Low-country Govi equally considered. Reply in Sinhala / English with full details. [email protected]

Kandyan Radhala Buddhist parents with means seek professionally qualified handsome partner (Doctor, Engineer, Dentist, Accountant) of similar background for 27-year-old graduate daughter raised and educated in Australia. She holds a high profile Government position. She is 5 ft. 2 in. with pleasant looks and fine manners. Preference will be given to those living in Australia (Melbourne/Sydney). Reply with horoscope, family details and contact number.

Salagama Buddhist parents from Homagama Godagama seek an educated professional partner for their only daughter slim slightly fair 34+ 5'5" degree with a class in Business Administration, employed as a financial controller in a prestigious group of companies. Salary Rs. 30,000. Dowry a plot of land, suitable to build a house and a fixed deposit. Saturn in 7th House. Caste immaterial.  Horoscope essential.

Sinhalese Karawe Buddhist mother seeks an educated partner with sober habits for pretty daughter aged 25  height 5'6" studying Dental Hygiene. We are PR holders living in Canada. She inherits Canadian Dollars 15000. We will be visiting Sri Lanka mid July 2007. Email [email protected]



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