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CCC hails victory

The country is today celebrating the defeat of a 26-year long crusade of terrorism by the LTTE and the liberation of our fellow Sri Lankans forcibly held as a `human shield' over the last few months.


As all citizens should, we as a responsible Business Chamber express our profound gratitude to the Government led by the President, to the Defence Secretary, the Heads of the Armed Forces and the Police and the heroic Servicemen for this magnificent achievement under difficult circumstances.

We should, at this time of celebration, also remember the large number of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces that have sacrificed their lives or suffered serious injury in the discharge of their noble national duties a release from the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) said .

It said this victory demonstrates the true capabilities of the people of the country when provided with proper leadership and direction.

We have defeated a ruthless force which was widely believed to be invincible. The President and his government, empowered by this noteworthy victory, undoubtedly, will now turn their undivided attention to the economic and social progress of the country.

Creating a conducive environment for all citizens of the country, irrespective of race, religion or any other such differences, to live in peace and harmony, with dignity, will continue to be a vital necessity.

This will be the only way to ensure that the quality of life for all Sri Lankans will improve on a sustainable basis and also ensure that causes of division and friction in Sri Lankan society will not hamper national progress, ever again.

`We should also resolve to substantiate to the international community, that some of them were, in the recent past, misled by vicious propaganda and/or influenced by other domestic political pressures. We need to convey that, as a country motivated by liberal religious beliefs, we have, over a period of 26 years, addressed every possible form of accommodation in our dealings with the LTTE, to no avail. It was only as a last resort and for want of an alternative that the Government was compelled to deal with them militarily, in order to finally achieve conclusive results. For this perceptive judgement, President Mahinda Rajapakse deserves all credit for his sagacious leadership.

`In this time of rejoicing, we wish to implore the Government to obtain the support and assistance of the entire Sri Lankan Diaspora and engage with willing countries in the resettlement of the displaced citizens and, thereafter, in the infrastructure development of the country.

In all diplomatic initiatives towards this end, the private sector of the country offers to play a key role by engaging with partner organisations overseas to represent the true character, spirit and values of this country, of which we are all justifiably proud'.



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