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Light at the end of the tunnel

Here are the comments made by the Political party stalwarts:

The Tamil and the Muslim political party stalwarts along with several other partymen have praised President Mahinda Rajapaksa for bringing an end to the war, which haunted the island nation for three decades. They said that the death of LTTE leader Prabhakaran has now made the country to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

V. Anandasangaree

Under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government all are equal and must be treated equally to whatever the community one belongs to, Tamil United Liberation Front Leader (TULF) Anandasangaree said.

He said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech in the Parliament also depicted this principle.

The defeat of LTTE terrorism and the killing of its Leader Prabhakaran is a good news for the country and the entire nation. For a quarter of a century the innocents of our country whether they be Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim suffered a lot due to the LTTE terrorism until the eradication of LTTE terrorism as a whole.

Without panic nobody could walk even on the road as the LTTE suicide cadres carried out bomb blasts and suicide attacks on trains and buses targeting the innocent civilians. Everywhere there was chaos of death and white flags.The wives and the children were waiting with panic until their husbands or fathers arrive home. This eradication of terrorism is a big relief to all and mother country.

Now we have to find out the base of these problems in this peaceful situation prevailing in the country. What should the Country do for this problem now. The President has mentioned that after the eradication of the LTTE terrorism there are only two peoples in the country. One is the people that love this country. The other comprises a small group that have no love for the land of their birth.

The TULF leader said we have to accept the verdict of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Accordingly the country is now joined. There are no minor or majority groups, all are the citizens of Sri Lanka and have equal rights.


PLOTE Leader D. Siddarthan said that LTTE Leader Prabhakaran was responsible for the killing of innocent Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people in the past.

He mentioned that with the killing of LTTE Leader Prabhakaran terrorism has come to an end.

He said that they are expecting a reasonable power devolution to the minorities in the country and which is the long aspiration of Tamils in Sri Lanka. When time comes we will hold discussions with the Government.

He said that they held discussions with Indian delegation in Colombo and discussed in depth of present situation. National Advisor - Security M.K. Narayanan, the Foreign Secretary Sivashankar Menon and Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Alok Prasad and the Political Secretary Sham took part in the discussion representing Indian delegation while TULF Leader Anandasangaree, T. Sritharan, EPRLF Pathmanabha, himself and on behalf of Democratic Tamil National Alliance Nimirthan were also present.

He said that during the discussion it was unanimously agreed to urge the Government to expedite the resettlement of IDPs in their own places as earlier as possible. As there are more difficulties to house nearly 200,000 people in a small place.

Because there was no democracy in the North and East during the dominating period of LTTE so restoring the pluralism and democracy in the North East is crucial.Siddarthan said.

He also stressed the necessity of an environment all Tamil political parties to work freely in this area.

The hardcore LTTE cadres must be sent to rehabilitation centres and must be rehabilitated, the supporters, child cadres and those forcibly recruited must be given general amnesty, these are the suggestions forwarded by them during the discussion.

He said that the Government has taken steps to resettle the IDPs in their own places in 180 days.

It is the time all Tamil parties work freely in this area as the LTTE terrorism has been swept off from the country. There will not be any terrorist organisations in Sri Lanka with the sweeping off of LTTE as a whole.

Minister Ameer Ali

All Ceylon Muslim Congress Chairman and Disaster Relief Services Minister M.S.S. Ameer Ali said that President’s statement that there is no any majority minority differences have brought a great united Sri Lanka to his mind.

The terrorism that prevailed has come to an end. A way has arisen to the Sri Lankans to lead a peaceful life without any fear and grievances.

The refugees who suffered a lot within the motherland have obtained the privilege to go back to their own places and to restore their normal life.

Our country is to start a journey towards prosperity.

He expressed his gratitude to President Mahinda Rajapaksa for saying that all are Sri Lankans.

Those who in politics must honour this statement of the President. They must carry out their political affairs according to this statement. Only then our country will also be able to raise its head equal to the developed countries.

Ulama Party-Mubarak Abdhul Majeed

The Ulama Party Leader Mubarak Abdhul Majeed described the triumph achieved against the LTTE terrorism and the killing of its Leader Prabhakaran as the symbol of the restoration of unity and peace in our motherland.

He said that our valiant forces under the guidance of President Mahinda Rajapaksa achieved a historic victory in the war carried out to liberate the innocent Tamil civilians from the clutches of the LTTE.

He said the eradication of LTTE and killing of Prabhakaran will be an instance that terrorism will not last long.

Terrorism has been uprooted by the Government under the Leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Our valiant forces achieved this historic victory against LTTE terrorists.

He said that Sri Lanka will shine as a developed country in the region as the terrorism is over in our motherland.


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