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The World Health Organisation defines health as the state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of a person, not just the absence of diseases. But today’s health care only addresses the body. The body is made of 70,000 cells.

When these cells are alive and active the body can be considered to be healthy. Secondly when one’s attitude towards his life and the people around is positive such a person is mentally healthy. Such a healthy mind will lead to good and positive relationships with others, and social health follows naturally.

Spiritual health is something more than what we do and say. In reality, the ultimate goal of life is to achieve spiritual health. If scant attention is paid to the State of Physical Health we can see that day by day the diseases are increasing. Physical disorders will increase rapidly.

As a result of this many people will develop a very negative and weak attitude towards life. The current depression rate is 10 per cent among young and old. Ten per cent of the world population is suffering from insomnia. Anger, hatred, fear, greed, lust have overruled the human mind. Due to the darkness of fear and anger the social structure of the human world has got disrupted.

What is the root cause for all these unhealthy lifestyles? According to Dr. Gupta, it is the poor Spiritual Health. Spiritual health gets weaker when there is an Identity Crisis. The reason for any fight between two persons is due to an identity crisis. When one does not know himself in their true sense fights and argument become the means of safety. According to research more than 95 per cent of the current diseases are psychosomatic. Psyche means the mind. When the mind gets sick it affects the body and society.

It is undoubtedly accepted that we need to take proper meals for a healthy life. Even then, who decides our food? At many times doesn’t our mood decide what to eat? When we are bitter inside after an argument with a close person the mind looks for something sweet.

When there is dryness in the mind it needs fried food. Just think and see when we feel boring and lonely don’t we look for hot and spicy food? It is natural, compulsive. All these wrong food habits are like putting kerosene to a motor car. Hence should we change our food habits or the mood? Obviously it is the mood that has to be changed.

To maintain a constant positive mood an accurate understanding of the self is needed. A human being is not just the body. It has a being inside. This being is naturally full of peace, love and happiness. So the 3D healthcare which comprises self responsibility, right understanding of the self and self empowerment is vital for complete health.

Self responsibility is to take full responsibility of one’s own health. Whatever I see, whatever I speak, whatever I eat, whatever I do, whatever I think affect my health. So we need to see, speak, eat, do and think that heal us.

Wrong old memories, wrong old attitudes have to be cleared off. Fill the self with new right things. Right understanding of the self means to know the self as a living being not a living body. This inner self comprises seven energies. These seven energies give energy to the life. As proper food, proper exercise and proper sleep heal the body, the power of these seven energies empower and nourish the self. When the soul is nourished life becomes stress-free. A stress-free life, proper diet, proper exercise and proper sleep lead to a disease-free life.

The soul which contains Thoughts, Emotions, Attitudes and Memories TEAM up to nourish the brain with the power of true knowledge, immune system with the power of purity, respiratory system with the power of peace,heart with love, digestive system with happiness, endocrine system with bliss, muscles and bones with power. This is called Soul, Mind, Body medicine.If you honestly look for a good health start having a healthy lifestyle. Be always peaceful, happy and loving.

So be natural. Take a proper diet and do proper exercise which suits your age. A proper sleep between 10.00 p.m. - 4.00 a.m. will balance the activity of the body and mind. With all these if still necessary take proper medicine approved by a physician.

The article is based on the presentation on “Care for the heart through a healthy lifestyle” by Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta at Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre, Dehiwala. Dr. Satish Gupta, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Internal Medicine), FCCP (Cardiology) who visited Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Heart Association for its’ Annual General Meeting 2009, is the Senior Consultant for Cardiology and Medicine at JWM Global Hospital and Research Centre since April 1995, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India.

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