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Marriage Proposals
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I lost my mother at birth. Since the day I was born, my father became very famous. World famous astrologers predicted my birth will bring good fortune to my father and do miracles. He worked so hard to bring me up and make me a good citizen. He loved me very much being the only child, gave me all the comforts he could afford.

As I reached adolescence my figure became shapely and beautiful. There was a lot of admirers and lovers who were interested in me. My father did not want me to be kept at home. So, he took me in a huge building in a leading shopping complex. Here I was kept in a glass show case. The display was well arranged, a lot of admirers flocked around me to have a glimpse of this rare ornament.

By this I made a lot of friends and more people from all walks of life were after me. Ordinary people to Royal dignitaries from all corners of the globe came to see me. After all, my best lovers were from the business world, government officials and youths belonging to both sexes.

However, one day a good looking man took me under his care. He treated me in royal style. He hugged me and whispered sweet nothings. Members of his household used me very carefully.

They spoke to their friends and shared secrets among them. They discussed their future plans and their lives, committing suicide, climbing mount Everest or living together. At times they spoke about marriage. All these reached in my ears and restless nights.

I carried on my life with self confidence and dignity. The whole world bowed down to my way of thinking and lifestyle. Today I live as a proud person who has contributed very much to society. If my father Graham Bell did not bring me to this world, it would not have been a wonderful place to live.

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