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Hide & Seek

Fresh move

There has been high drama at Kotha that is Siri, following the Elephant Party's humiliating defeat at Uva. Stating that the party has been rejected wholesale by the people in Jaffna and Vavuniya too, the Green Party rebels have launched a fresh move to oust Ra-Blue, this time for sure.

Presidential candidate

"Are you going to be our Presidential candidate?" Lucky Sene questioned Ra-Blue at the Wok Com meeting of the Elephant Party. "Put your hands on if you believe that our leader could win at least third time?" the Em Pee posed a question. Not a single member raised a hand as Ra-Blue looked down with a sorrowful face.

Kind-Siri in tears

Doc Hand-Pattu and Walapane Renu were unkind to Kind-Siri who broke into tears after complaining about the Elephant party's controversial method of nominating an Em Pee to Kool-Ya-Pitiya Saba that is Pradeshiya. Kind-Siri alleged that the party has appointed Ah-Killar Vee-Raj's catcher, who has a lesser number of preferential votes.

Retired Big Lady

Run-jeet Middle-Bandara querried Ra-Blue whether the party is going to accommodate the Retired Big Lady from the list that is national at a future election. But Ra-Blue said it would be done only with the consent of the Wok Com. "You have no shame, if you bring that shameless person I will resign from the party," he threatened.

Ten per cent

Tree-Man has predicted a ten per cent voting for the Elephant Party at the forthcoming Southern PC elections. "Our party was a giant tree in the past with a heavy vote base. It became a mango plant at Uva with only 15 per cent.

Very soon it would turn into buffalo grass as we could muster less than 10 per cent in the South," he told the WoK Com.

Fresh crossovers

Amidst speculation of an election that is general, two Green Party Em Pees have given a firm guarantee to the governing types of a crossover during the next Bud-Jet. The names would be kept a secret until the last moment to keep their party leaders guessing.


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