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Special probe into abduction of Nipuna Ramanayaka

A special probe in connection with the abduction and assault of Nipuna Ramanayaka had been launched _ and all suspects including Ravindu Gunawardena, his mother, and S. S. P. Vaas Gunawardena will be produced in courts in due course, the IGP said.

S. S. P. Vaas Gunawardena was transferred with immediate effect from the Colombo Crime Division to Police Headquarters last Friday. Two Sub Inspectors and four constables of the CCD have also been transferred last Wednesday to outstations in this regard.

The IGP further said that some IT students who had valuable information on the incident went into hiding immediately after the incident and they were not available to record their evidence. It has affected the early completion of the inquiry.

“Incidents such as Ramanayaka’s assault and the Angulana double murder brought a bad name to the police service when the people expect an efficient and exemplary service from the police”, IGP said.

The IGP said that the entire staff including the OIC of the Angulana police were transferred the same day the two brutal murders were committed.

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On the orders of Mount Lavinia Chief Magistrate, former OIC Angulana and four police constables were remanded in connection with the alleged murder.

“Police officers who commit unlawful acts will be severely punished irrespective of their status. The public are also free to inform me direct (Fax No. 011-2446174) about such officers, the IGP assured.

The IGP said wild allegations should not be levelled against the police service based on a mere one or two incidents by bankrupt politicians for political gain.

Meanwhile Kaduwela Magistrate Manilal Prasanna De Silva who impounded Ravindu Gunawardena’s passport directed that he be arrested and produced.



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