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Sunday, 10 March 2013





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Dental Heath

Teeth are very important to all humans. Healthy teeth keep us healthy. They gives us a good look. Irregular teeth spoil your looks in the face.

Well-set teeth make our smile and laughter pleasant. When you grow old you lose your teeth and your face looks changed.

Teeth help us in biting, chewing and crushing the food we eat. They mix the food with saliva. This makes the food easy to swallow and digest.

We should take good care of our teeth. Eating too many sweets and ice-cream will harm your teeth. We should avoid taking very hot and cold drinks.

We should not try to crush and break any hard food. It may injure our teeth and gums.

We must clean our teeth every day. You must brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning and then in the night after dinner.

It prevents decaying teeth and will stop bad breath. We should use a good toothpaste which has flouride and a tooth brush.

When you have any dental problems you must see your dentist.

Babu Pavithra,
Grade 6 T,
St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy.


My brother

My brother’s name is Malik. He goes to Zahira College and is in Grade 1S. He can dance very well.He likes to eat apples and loves soft drinks.

His favourite cartoon is Ben 10 and he likes to watch other movies.His best friend’s name is Fathish.

He likes to read books and enjoys drawing.

His favourite song is Gangam Style. Blue is his favourite colour.He loves to travel in his car. The best person he loves is my mother and he likes me and I like him too.

Gnei Shameela Cassim,
Grade 7,
Muslim Ladies College.



Environmental pollution

The environment has drawn the attention of all scientists and thinkers of the world today. Special branches of study and research, have been setup in countries to deal with the menace of environmental pollution.

Pollution of the environment arises chiefly from heavy industrialisation and other human activities. Such pollution renders the environment unsuitable and dangerous for human habitation.Therefore, it is necessary for all humans to take remedial measures to fight pollution.In many countries governments have setup separate ministries to deal with environmental pollution. It is the duty of each one of us to keep our environment clean and free from pollution.

Healthy growth free from diseases and starvation needs a healthy environment.Our atmosphere, land and water have to be maintained free of pollution.Our scientists and technicians should devote a lot of attention and take extraordinary measures to ensure maximum safety and prevent the leakage of poisonous chemicals and radio-active materials into the environment. The incidents at Bhopal and Chernobyl in the recent past are glaring examples of the dangers of pollution.

At Bhopal nearly three million people were affected and at Chenobyl the entire population had to be evacuated to safer places. If it becomes necessary, humans have to even change their pattern of lifestyle to preserve the environment.

S.F. Ansef Areej,
Grade 10B,
Ak/Muslim Central College (National School),


Use of computers

The computer is the latest mode of communication in the modern world.It gives us a wide range of functions and services that are not given by any other mode.

Word processing, communication, digital video and desktop publishing are some of the main uses.People use computers to perform their day-to-day tasks. It is used as a very popular mode throughout the world.

Thavishi Kodithuwakku,
Grade 9A,
Southlands College,


The World Water Day

Water is one of the most precious gifts nature has bestowed on mankind. Not a single organism can live without water.Water remains in large amounts in the ocean. But ocean water is salty and thus not suitable for use.Fresh water is found in lakes, rivers, springs, streams and waterfalls.

Water remains on the Earth because of the ‘water cycle.’ We use the same water again and again. The World Water Day falls on March 25.Everybody should take steps to conserve water. Children must save water without wasting it.

We can turn off the tap while we brush our teeth, warn our parents about leaking taps and use buckets filled with water to water the garden plants instead of using a hose. These are some ways to save water.

Many countries are now suffering from severe droughts where water is not found anywhere. Many areas in Sri Lanka faced a drought last year. Ancient Kings built many tanks to store water during the wet season.

It was used during the dry season. The ‘water cycle’, is the process in which used water gets naturally cleaned and comes back to us for consumption.There are three main steps in the water cycle. They are evaporation, condensation and rainfall.

First, the sun’s heat turns the water in all open water bodies and water sources into vapour. The vapour gets collected in the clouds. This process in known as ‘Evaporation.’

In the clouds, the water vapour is cooled (or condensed) until they form tiny droplets of water. When the water droplets are heavy and the cloud cannot hold it any longer, the water comes down as rain. The rain water gets collected again in natural and man-made water bodies and is ready for all organisms to use.

The water we get from our taps at home has been purified and is suitable for drinking. Sometimes there may be germs in the water which causes infections. To prevent infectious diseases, we should boil water before drinking. Therefore, we should always save water which is our most valuable gift from nature.

Janani Randhula Gajadheera,
Willesden College International,

A country I like to visit

I like to visit many countries. Some of them are England, Switzerland, Australia, America, Dubai and Singapore. Of all these countries I like England the most. The main reason is because my mother's family lives in England. When they come to Sri Lanka for their summer holidays they explain the beauty of England. The other reason is the snowfall in England. I really enjoy playing with snow.

I like to see Buckingham Palace. I have seen the palace on television many times and I like to see the Royal family of England who live there. It is one of the largest palaces in the world.I like to see the Wax Museum in which great sculptures of famous people such as Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi are displayed.

As England is the biggest and most populated part in the United Kingdom, many people live in towns such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.The countryside is full of farmlands, in the other parts you can see hilly moors.

The houses and shops in the countryside are made in old architectural style. I like to see these buildings. When the Romans invaded Britain almost 200 years ago, they built a fortified town called Londinium to safeguard crossing over the River Thames. In 1100, London was made the capital of England. Many people visit historical places such as the Tower of London and the 11th century fortress in London.

Northern England is famous for its natural beauty. The Northwest is a mountainous region called the Lake District. Her deep lakes separate steep hills which rise to a height of more than 975m. The Lake District is very beautiful and attracts many tourists.

These are some of the reasons I want to visit England. My only dream is to visit England very soon!

Afrah Azhar,
Grade 8D,
English Literary Association,
St. Lawrence's Convent, Colombo 6.



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