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Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya poised to educate a nation

The Ministry of Education has included R/Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya of Balangoda in the massive project to develop a 1,000 Secondary schools and has provided for the extensive renovation work to make the school a legacy of education to the nation.

R/Sri Walagamba School has been given primary to be developed in the first phase of the project to develop 1,000 secondary schools under the ministerial supervision. Several full-fledged buildings with modern innovations are currently being erected under the Ministry's project to create a learning oriented society.

Principal Karunathilaka

President Mahinda Rajapaksa congratulating the Girls' Cadet Corps leader Buddhika Bandara

A complete computer laboratory, audio-visual unit, a two-storeyed administration building, renovated laboratory for Advanced Level classes, the home science room with the latest facilities have come to the completion. The most important of all these building facilities is the “Mahindyodaya Techno Laboratory” which opens up new horizons in technological studies and information technology.

This inevitably realises the ideals of the mission of the Ministry of education to gift the nation with 1,000 fully developed secondary schools.


R/Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya of Weligepola which nestles in the beautiful terrain on the southern slope of the Mahawalathenna Plateau of Balangoda reflects a hundred years of superb achievements in education.

Encircled by a ring of mountains, the school it self is a place of scenic beauty which exerts a compelling influence on the visitor.

Since its inception in 1909, the school has flourished as an important seat of learning in Ratnapura district with its own educational identity. What deserve a special mention here is that the people of all calibre that the school has thus far produced in the course of hundred years, are still serving the country.

R/Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya has undergone intensive development under projects of Navodaya, Isuru and 1,000 secondary schools and is taking a turn for the better in the educational development.

The school witnessed noteworthy achievements in sports, music and education during the previous years. In 2012, the national Cadet Corps (both boys and girls) were qualified for All Island competition and the Cadet Corps of 2013 is currently being trained for All Island performance.

Back in 2010, the girls' Cadet Corps was honoured with the title of the upcoming Girls' Cadet Corps of the Year, Buddhika Iresha Bandara, the leader of the Girl's Cadet Corps offers, her comments about her meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and her personal views of the qualities that any person should have to cope successfully with the challenges of life.

“Being a member of a Cadet Corps demands courage, strength, confidence and dedication. I always use my own experiences to guide the younger members of the corps and help them use their potential to achieve success both at school and in society....”

“The school sharpened my talent. My meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa inspired me a lot. His kind words and deep concern for us really encouraged me to go forward in this field... It was really unforgettable...”

In his special message, the former principal of the school Lionel de Alwis states, “I too am a past pupil of this school and I'm extremely proud to witness the splendour the school has achieved today.

Under different projects by the Ministry of Education, the school has been equipped in both physical and human resources which facilitate the educational process.

I'm happy to say that Karunathilaka Handugala, the current principal of the school has adopted almost all measures to upgrade the discipline and education of the students...”


The current principal of R/Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya, Karunathilaka Handugala provides the stewardship under which the school is achieving a breathtaking success to be on par with other leading schools in the island. It appears fair to say that his ideas on educational development and elevation of discipline among students are far advanced and practical.

“The school has already been blessed with all the physical and human resources. What I aspire to do is to dedicate everything given by the Ministry of education for the benefit of the future generation of our country. To make the projects of the Ministry more meaningful, we should let children take advantage of everything granted by the government...”

“That is the sole aspiration of the parents and of the nation on the whole. Our President's concept of making Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia demands the “Wonder of education” from schools. We will practically implement the concept of “Wonder of Asia” in our school and both the teachers and students are well prepared for it...”

“We have launched programs to increase the literacy level up to 100 percent this year. Accordingly, the GCE Ordinary Level passes in English and mathematics should be increased to 100 percent from this year.

Most importantly, this can be realised not by increasing the time of teaching in the morning, evening, night and in tuition classes but by changing our methods of teaching to suit the level of the students...”

“Any lesson should be started not from the beginning as given by the textbook but from the point that the student knows. The teaching methods should vary from school to school and from one student to another student...”

The Principal of the school Karunathilaka Handugala sounds a Philosopher in education and he is certain to make Sri Walagamba Maha Vidyalaya a better centre of education to produce a perfect generation.


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