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Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin (French: Les Aventures de Tintin) is a series of comic albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (1907-1983), who wrote under the pen name Hergé. The series is one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century, with translations published in more than 50 languages and sales of more than 200 million copies

The series first appeared in French on January 10, 1929 in Le Petit Vingtième, a children's supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le XXe Siècle. The success of the series saw the serialised strips published in Belgium's leading newspaper Le Soir and spun into a successful Tintin magazine.

In 1950, Hergé created Studios Hergé, which produced the canonical series of twenty-four Tintin albums. The Adventures of Tintin have been adapted for radio, television, theatre, and film.

The series is set during a largely realistic 20th century. Its hero is Tintin, a young Belgian reporter. He is aided by his faithful fox terrier dog Snowy (Milou in the original French editions). Later, popular additions to the cast included the brash and cynical Captain Haddock, the highly intelligent but hearing-impaired Professor Calculus (French: Professeur Tournesol), and other supporting characters such as the incompetent detectives Thomson and Thompson (French: Dupont et Dupond).

The series has been admired for its clean, expressive drawings in Hergé's signature ligne claire ("clear line") style.

Its well-researched plots straddle a variety of genres: swashbuckling adventures with elements of fantasy, mysteries, political thrillers, and science fiction.

The stories feature slapstick humour, offset by dashes of sophisticated satire and political or cultural commentary

Georges Remi came up with the character of Tintin, a young boy reporter, whilst working at the Belgian newspaper Le XXe Siècle (The 20th Century).. Writing under his pen name, Hergé pioneered the new character in the story Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.

This comic, which involved Tintin battling the socialist authorities in the Soviet Union, was serialised in Le XXe Siècle's supplement for children, Le Petit Vingtième (The Little Twentieth), from January 10, 1929 until 11 May 1930.The series was an instant success; sales of the Thursday edition of the newspaper, the day the supplement appeared, were to increase by 600 percent.

Hergé to penned a string of Adventures of Tintin, sending his character to real locations such as the Belgian Congo, the United States, Egypt, India, China, and the United Kingdom, and also to fictional countries of his own devising, such as the Latin American republic of San Theodoros, the East European kingdom of Syldavia, or the fascist state Borduria-whose leader, Müsstler, was a combination of Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler and Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini.



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