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Marriage Proposals
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Absolutely pretty fair slim well educated daughter below 32 yrs. employed in UK or willing to migrate for 04-05 yrs. is sought by Sinhala Buddhist Colombo parents for their Engineer son studied in Sri Lanka BSc., MSc. qualified from London University and well employed in UK. He is 34 yrs. 5’10” NS/TT fair very handsome kind-hearted, owns house and motor car. Caste religion not considered. Horoscopes with Kuja/Shani in same house will match well. Reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail : [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified fair, slim partner is sought for Engineer son, B/G, 5’8” born in 1984, working as a Civil Engineer and residing in Australia with parents. He is a dual citizenship holder and will inherit assets in both Australia and Sri Lanka. Please reply with horoscope, family and contact details. Email - [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified slim absolutely pretty and fair well mannered daughter is sought by B/G professional parents from Colombo for their only son handsome born 1984 August 5’ 10” graduated Computer Science from a US University and US PR holder. Presently employed as a Senior Systems Engineer in a US Govt. Authority. Differences immaterial. Reply with a copy of horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified pretty daughter from respectable family sought by Durawa Buddhist parents for TT/NS 28 years 5’8” well achieved established handsome son BSc / MSc completed currently working as Senior Software Engineer lead in prestigious multinational USA Company. Brides from U.S.A. / Canada preferred. [email protected]

Academically qualified daughter who is living in Australia or willing to migrate, sought by retired bank AGM father for their elder son. He is a teetotaller, non-smoker M.Sc. qualified Consultant Software Engineer, Australian citizen working in Australia. He is fair, 5’ 10”, 33 years old, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, etc. with Kuja in 7th house preferred. We are Buddhist Vishwa Kula. Caste immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected] 011-4935705.

Academically / professionally qualified, kind hearted fair, slim absolutely pretty daughter who is willing to migrate to USA is sought by B/G parents in USA for their US citizen son 33, NS/TT, 5’ 8” handsome with an excellent character holding B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. He has also completed M.Sc. in System Engineering. Currently working on an overseas assignment Dubai. He will be in Sri Lanka on a short holiday in March. Please respond with family details and horoscope. Email - [email protected]

An educated pretty bride preferably below 30 yrs. is sought by G/B parents for their handsome, well mannered son BSc., MSc., MBA Software Engineer, 5’5”, NS/TT, 33, permanently employed in Australia with a good income also having assets in Sri Lanka. Email : [email protected]

An educated pretty daughter sought by B/G parents for 36 yrs, 5’ 6” Dental Surgeon son government employed, residing in Pannipitiya NS/TT. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

An educated, fluent in English under 33 y, good at household work and a beautiful daughter from a respectable family is sought by Attorney-at-Law parents for their only son (residing close to Colombo). He is Sinhalese B/D (caste immaterial) age 33 y, 6 feet smart handsome, business owner inherits properties worth close to 700 million (luxury house, coconut estate, etc) and worked in Canada for 4 years before permanently settling in Sri Lanka. Respond with family details, horoscope, contact numbers. [email protected]

A fair, pretty, kind hearted, accomplished daughter who loves travelling and living abroad (with frequent visits to Motherland) is sought by Govi Buddhist parents from Kandy, for only son, born in January 1983, 5’9” fair, smart, good looking with assets, professionally qualified, permanently employed as an Aircraft Technician in a prestigious airline in UAE. [email protected]

Bodu Govi/Salagama professional parents well established in Australia seek pretty daughter with good values studying or working in Medical / Engineering / Finance fields for their well mannered kind hearted son with immaculate character employed as Senior Engineer. He is 27 yrs. handsome six footer holding a Masters Degree and double Bachelor Degrees with first class Honours and owns substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email : [email protected]

Buddhist Govi parents from Kesbewa seek a well employed son, for daughter born 1974, executive officer, 5’ 4”, migrated sons preferred. Dowry including house. Email: [email protected]

B/G Handsome younger looking Doctor holding a very high post in his early fifties seeks a pretty kind hearted respectable lady in late thirties or early forties. Divorces/ widows are welcome. Cast immaterial. Reply with family details, contact number. Email: [email protected]

B/G mother from Nugegoda seeks pretty fair slim daughter below 30 for eldest son 36, 5’9” fair handsome NS/TT System Administrator US Graduated BSc. drawing a high salary and owns a luxury vehicle, upstair house and other properties. Differences immaterial. Kuja 7 Shani 8th. Reply with family details. [email protected]

B/G Professional parents residing in Kandy seek an academically qualified pretty daughter from an equally established family for their 28 year old son 5’11” PhD candidate in Sciences residing in US. Those living abroad or willing to migrate are preferred. Please reply with horoscope and family details to [email protected]

B/G professionally qualified parents seek academically and professionally qualified partner for son 32 yrs., Engineer by profession. [email protected]

B/G respectable parents residing in Australia seek an educated, well-mannered, fair, pretty and slim daughter for their 28 year old, 5’8” handsome son working as an engineer at a leading organization in Australia. Please reply with family details and horoscope to: [email protected]

B/K parents seek a kind, educated daughter for their son, Chartered Accountant in Australia, 5’5”, 35 years, those who reside in Australia may reply. [email protected]

Catholic parents (Sinhala) seek professionally qualified fair attractive daughter below 25 years of age for their handsome son aged 28 years, height (5’11”), currently he is employed as Senior Sales Manager in a reputed private company in Colombo. He inherits substantial assets a modern upstair house in Colombo and a plantation. He is a allround sportsman. Please reply with full details.

Close to Colombo, respected B/G retired parents seek a fair, pretty well mannered daughter holding a Degree, willing to go abroad for few years, for their PhD Graduate only son working for a well-known Organization in USA 30 yrs., 5’ 5 1/2” N/S T/T smart well-brought up. Reply with family details & horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo B/G mother seeks a pretty daughter for their handsome businessman son age 36, 5’7” educated in Royal College Colombo. Legally divorced from short marriage as a innocent party. [email protected]

Colombo based well off G/B parents seek for their only son aged 31 years, 5’7” height handsome well educated with sober habits and a director in family business, well brought up pretty bride from similar background. Email address: [email protected]

Colombo suburb B/G born in 1979, only child medium built 5’ 6”, professionally qualified in banking, employed as a Senior Executive in a foreign bank operating in Colombo. Earning six figure salary, divorced as a plaintiff, 3 years old son living with ex-wife, inherits two storeyed house, car with other assets. Assets over 35 million. Retired mother seeks kind-hearted pretty daughter from a decent family, willing to migrate proposals from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada or from an european country preferred. [email protected]

Educated pretty daughter is sought by Govi Buddhist Engineer / Architect parents for their son 30 years, 5’5” with pleasant features, TT, NS, Software Engineer with BSc., MSc. in IT. Inherits substantial assets. Full particulars with horoscope in the first letter. E-mail : [email protected]

Govigama Buddhist parents seek a pretty kind hearted educated partner for handsome son, a permanent resident of Australia, qualified Accountant, 5’ 10” tall, 34 years, divorced after a brief marriage without any encumbrances. The partner should be willing to live in Australia after marriage. Please reply with family details.

Govi Buddhist parent seeks petite educated bride for son 33 younger of two brothers. Employed in Financial Company. Family settled in U.S.A. Please send reply to [email protected]

Govi Buddhist professional parents residing in UK seek an academically qualified fair pretty daughter below 35 years with Sinhala Buddhist values for handsome son with assets working in UK 38 years 5’11” BSc. in Business Information Systems. Invite horoscopes with Kuja Dosa only. Email - [email protected]

G/B middle class respectable family from Colombo, 43 years old, educated, looks much younger & fair in complexion, height 5’6”, French citizen. Academically qualified, divorced very short, brief, incompatibility, unfortunate proposed marriage, without any encumbrances. Teetotaller and non-smoker. Seeking educated & elegant bride. Currently who’s living in Europe is most welcome but Sri Lankan can be considered. Shani in 7th House. [email protected]

G/B mother from Colombo suburbs seeks an educated well mannered daughter below 30 yrs for her son born in 1984 June, 5’4” in height with good moral values currently resident in the UK and employed as an Application Developer. He is UK qualified graduate (First Class) with Master Degree, non smoker, teetotaller no family encumbrances. He owns a house with land in Colombo. He will be in Sri Lanka first week of April. Reply in English or Sinhala with family details and horoscope and contact numbers, prefer horoscope to match Kuja Shani in 4th House. Email: [email protected]

G/B professional parents seek an educated partner for son 30 yrs. doctor dual citizen of SL/UK, completed post graduate studies and intends to settle in Sri Lanka. Reply with family details. [email protected]

International business owner, 40, divorced, 5 ft. 11, athletic body, currently residing in Sri Lanka seeking an attractive, slim partner. Divorcees with children are welcome. Age, caste and religion immaterial. Tel. 0112872912.

Kandy - Govi Buddhist academically qualified well-mannered attractive daughter from a respectable family is sought by well established Govi Buddhist parents from Kandy for their son who graduated from a reputed British University with a Management Degree. Now employed in a prestigiou multi-national British company as an I.T. professional with British citizenship. Age 34 yrs height 5’7”. Bride will have to live in U.K. after the marriage. Please reply with family details with contact numbers together with a copy of the horoscope.

Moor mother from Colombo seeking bride preferably from Colombo respectable family religious, kind hearted for her son 29 Assistant Manager of a leading Clothing Firm. [email protected]

Moor mother from Kandy living in Colombo seeks bride for 32 year old son 5’7” Degree Holder working at a leading private bank. [email protected]

Moor mother looking for a kind hearted bride for her son, working as a top Senior Executive at a leading mercantile establishment. He is from a leading Moor family. Please contact with details to [email protected]

Moor parents from Colombo suburbs seek an educated and religious girl for their son who is 32 years of age. The groom is a religious individual, professionally qualified in both CIMA and CA, working as a manager in a reputed company in Colombo. Preferably the bride should be between 24-28 years of age, head covered, of average height, fair and pretty. Please forward details to [email protected]

Mother seeks a suitable Catholic partner for youngest son, 36, 5’6” Web Programmer working at a telecommunication company. [email protected]

Muslim parents in Australia seek a very fair, pretty, educated, independent and down-to-earth girl aged between 20-27 with a good family and professional background for their pharmaceutical consultant (Masters pharm), son who is 28, handsome, honest, good-natured and a dual citizen. Please contact us on +61 401 685 676. Email: [email protected]

Parents seek educated decent girl for our son born in 1974 professional well educated working in the Automotive Industry, presently living in Canada. If interested please send a copy of horoscope. [email protected]

Professional Sinhala Buddhist parents in UK seek professionally qualified pretty daughter from a respectable family, for 32 yrs., 6’, fair Doctor son brought up in UK with Sinhala Buddhist values. Please email family details to : [email protected]

RC professional parents in Australia seek a pretty bride, medical doctor or equivalent from an affluent family for our youngest handsome son, B.Applied Science from Sydney University 27 years, 5’ 9” Departmental Medical Clinical and Legal Manager for South West Districts Dept. of Health NSR currently completing MBA at Macquarie University, Sydney. Email: [email protected]



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