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Enter the grass eating humans

Light Refractions by Lucien Rajakarunanayake Plan to create human-cow embryos UK scientists have applied for permission to create embryos by fusing human DNA with cow eggs -News item

The application by UK scientists to carry out this research has already raised many questions of ethics in science and medicine, with critics saying this is both unethical and potentially dangerous. Whatever the outcome of this debate in the world of science, an immediate reaction to this from the lay person would be that one believed enough had been learnt from Mad Cow Disease.

It would appear that what we are now at the threshold of an age when science will finally turn the clock right back and through the successful cloning of humans with cows produce a species of grass eating humans.

It could be a good beginning with the vast extents of land being used up today for the farming of cattle and sheep, mainly for meat production, seriously threatening both the forests and the livelihoods of people who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries.

The arrival of the grass-eating humans would mean the dawn of the age when thousands of cattle will be saved each day from being killed for meat. However, the flip side of this is that with humans, even with controlled populations, eating so much grass, cattle and other ruminants will soon become endangered species with so much of the green, green grass being eaten by humans.

The researchers now trying to create human-cow embryos can save considerable money and effort if they only come over to Sri Lanka, to see for themselves how far advanced we are in the cloning of humans and cattle. Take a pick of our politicians, from any kind of random sample, and they will find an abundance of bovine brains in human craniums.

As they are all so successful in the very profitable business of politics, we have reason to believe it is largely the result of natural selection.

These bovine-humans in politics are the examples of a species that has been chosen to survive, at the cost of both less gifted humans and grass eating cattle.Their success in survival upends the generally held belief among scientists about inbreeding weakening a species. The more these political bovine-humans intermarry and breed, the success of their offspring is even greater.

Talking of cattle and politicians we are not lacking in those who take delight in behaving like a bull in a china shop, or to use the local idiom the bull that goes berserk in a shop selling clay pots. The more important the issue for the future of the country and its people, the more pleasure they have in behaving in this manner, regardless of the wider consequences, that never affect them.

Dairy industry?

Moving on from the embryo stage of humans and cows and going up the ladder to human-cow clones, there is also the possibility that it would lead to revolutionizing the dairy industry. Some scientists say it will be possible to develop milk producing humans, not just during the period of lactation, but for a much longer period as in cows, to ensure a ready supply of fresh milk ready for human consumption at all times. There will be questions asked as to what this will do to the powdered milk industry that seems ever so dependent on the so-called lush, green meadows of New Zealand or Denmark to convince people of quality.

It is when this evergreen milk producing bovine-human is perfected that we will truly be able to talk of the milk of human kindness. But, there is a note of caution for one can never know what the corporate giants of the dairy industry of the future will do to create artificial shortages of this milk of humankind, to line their own pockets.

This has nothing to do with how humans are milked dry each day by the ever rising cost of living, largely manipulated by those cunning and heartless operators in the wholesale and retail trade, ably assisted by the politicians and bureaucrats who are supposed to keep them in check. All of which shows that the milk of human kindness of very much a scarcity today.

If the future cloning plans of scientists extend to the joining of humans with buffaloes in addition to milch cows, we will see the emergence of a new serfdom where buffalo-humans will readily take to being yoked to a plough to bring about a new and dynamic green revolution.

This new breed will also be found walking in endless circles on the threshing floor, with no hints of the tedium or monotony associated with repetitive work on the conveyor belt, as they will be born to this work.

Your guess is as good as mine as to when scientists will seek to join human and chicken embryos. Whenever they think of that, it will be very easy to come over here and learn how far advanced we are in this too.

There can't be any society that has a larger number of chicken-brained humans especially in politics and administration, as well as among the voting masses. Watch out for this brave new world.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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