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DateLine Sunday, 1 April 2007





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Government Gazette

A new lease of life for kidney patients

Glimmer of hope with combination therapy :

One of major obstacles in the transplantation of kidney is the natural mechanism in the human body which immediately rejects the transplanted host organ. The regime of drugs which would virtually stop the natural mechanism of rejection entail transplanted kidney susceptible to infection shortening the life of the transplanted kidney.

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Malinga's magical spell

Smashing world record :

"Malinga nearly sent us in smoke", these were the words of the panic stricken South African captain Graeme Smith who witnessed the final stages of the Super 8 World Cup cricket match against Sri Lanka from the dressing room with his side suddenly plunging towards defeat from a seemingly easy winning position.

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Is the nation prepared to eradicate this social plight?

Child abuse and commercial exploitation of children :

A child, according to the Convention of the Rights of the Child, is defined as a human being below the age of eighteen years. It has been recognized that protection of children from being engaged in labour and sexually exploitation, is an indispensable factor in achieving millennium goals.

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