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DateLine Sunday, 1 April 2007





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Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley (L) and Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams speak to the media during a news conference at the Stormont parliament buildings in Northern Ireland March 26, 2007. Northern Irelandís main Protestant and Catholic parties agreed on Monday to start sharing power on May 8 after their leaders put aside decades of hostility to hold a historic first meeting. (Reuters)

Epochal moment in Northern Ireland

It could be said to be a testing time for the whole of Britain; particularly for the champions of non-violence and democracy. Apparently, a May 8 deadline to put in place a power-sharing administration between the main Protestant and Catholic parties in Northern Ireland would now be met and if all goes well sectarian strife in the British province would ease off.

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Nepal's Maoists on verge of joining interim cabinet

Nepal's former Maoist rebels were on the verge of joining an interim government on Saturday, a historic step in the peace deal that ended their decade-old guerrilla war, officials said.

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Artillery rocks Mogadishu on third day of fighting

Artillery fire rocked Mogadishu for a third day on Saturday as Ethiopian and Somali troops backed by helicopter gunships resumed a major offensive against Islamist insurgents and clan militiamen.

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