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DateLine Sunday, 1 April 2007





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LTTE hand behind Indian fishermen killing cannot be ruled out - Indian Navy Chief

Indian Navy Chief Admiral Suresh Mehta says the LTTE hand in the killing of four Indian fishermen cannot be ruled out and an inquiry into the incident was being conducted to ascertain the facts. He told journalists in New Delhi that it could be the handiwork of the LTTE to create a rift between the Indian and the Sri Lankan governments.

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Tiger air power should be crushed - Govt. Chief Negotiator

While reiterating the government's commitment to find a permanent solution to the on-going conflict, the Chief Peace Negotiator, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said yesterday that the priority of the government now was to crush the LTTE military power including its air wings.

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Victims in Tiger shelling on villages identified

Eight civilians including an infant girl of eighteen months who fell victim to Tiger terrorist mortar shelling at the Sittandy and Morankottanchchena villages on Thursday night have been identified by the authorities, a media release from the Sri Lanka Army Headquarters said.

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