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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





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W.B. Yeats

1865 - 1939

W.B. Yeats is the greatest Irish poet hailed by many critics. He was in favour of 19th century Celtic Revival. Yeats being interested in the "Political movement led by Parnell to win Independence for Ireland", Though he was interested in Mand Gonne, the famous beauty of his time, his love was not returned.

However she gave him inspiration to write "Love Poetry" Byzantium, Prayer for my daughter, Road at my door are some of his finest poems.

"Lake Isle of Innisfree" stands as a shining example as lyrical and extremely romantic. Yeats also produced translations of sophocles' classical Greek plays. Some of his poems flow in "language as casual as that of prose" but the conversational rhythms have "Neatness and tightness". W.B. Yeats themes are his own accomplishment.

For example "The road at my door" is a poem about the "attraction - the man of intellect feels for the world of action" making the poem attractive and appealing to the reader through images and ideas intrinsically conveyed in a forceful manner; maintaining the rhythm and neatness.

The idiomatic phrases used by the poet 'cracking jokes' suggesting the "informalnature" of the conversation. The poet's use of conversational rhythms with wonderfully bestowed neatness and the casual language used as in prose add glamour to the diction style used by the poet.

The reader is taken away into the, past, present and future revealing the poet's philosophical views, cultural patterns, attitudes and values emphasising his wish and desire for Peace and Harmony, Love and Kindness.

In his poem 'A prayer for my daughter' he has stressed the importance of calmness, peace and harmony. Yeat's concern about peace is highlighted in his poem "A prayer for my daughter". Through wording he brings out verbal and auditory images.

"Some green laurel"

"Rooted in one dear perpetual place"

"Spreading laurel tree"

"Can never tear the linnet from the leaf"

His ardent desire for peace is highlighted in his poem "A prayer for my daughter"

"An intellectual hatred is the worst"

"Barter that horn and every good"

"By quiet natures understood"

Yeat's reference to events and characters stand exclusively and poignantly.

The tone of most of his poems carry "seriousness, tenderness and lightness" as well as "anger and hope".

W.B. Yeat's poems reveal his attitudes, his values, views and cultural patterns highlighting his desire for peace, harmony, love and kindness including understanding.


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