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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





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Joe Mike becomes laughing stock

Joe Mike who mans Negombo lagoon became a laughing stock when he charged MR's proposal to declare a common currency for the entire SAARC region was a breach of privilege. His leader has cautioned the poor guy and asked him to study how countries in the European Union did when they introduced Euro.

Political advantage through JR's GS

JR's grandson had a problem with an Army truck at Ward Place. Following an argument Amm-Ree and his family were held by Army. When the matter was brought to Gota's notice he sent his own security guards to the scene and the matter was settled. Amm-Ree called and thanked Gota too. But Ra-Blue and his 'Yes Sir' guys - Sun Karu-Leader, Ja-Ela Jayalath and Wattala Johona have rushed to JR's grandson to explore the possibility of taking a political advantage. But respectable Amm-Ree has said a firm No!

Battle for Ratnapura electorate

Ra-Blue knows that he is running out of time to fulfil his dream of forming a Government by this New Year. But he had more headaches at the You En Pee WCom meeting when Mahi-ndaa Gem-Tillake and Sabra PC's Op Leader 2As Wije-Tunga turned down organiser posts for Eheliyagoda and Kalawana respectively. They both battle for Ratnapura electorate.

Tough time for workers

Workers at the House of Diyawanna are having a tough time in shifting chairs from this side to that. Ed Gune from Minuwangoda took a ?U? turn, shocking even his own staff. But now the workers are bound to face another acid test with four more planning to support MR.

Astrologers mislead Ra-Blue

It's Indian astrologers who first misled Ra-Blue. Now their Lankan counterparts have done the same by telling Ra-Blue that he would become Pee Em after the Sinhala & Hindu New Year. But the latest is that the poor lad is likely to lose four more Em Pees? two from Colombo, one each from Gampaha and Kandy districts.



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