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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





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UNHCR throws out EU-led human rights allegations

A political settlement through negotiations is the most accepted mode to solve the country's current burning problem. The Sri Lankan Government fully understanding the nature of it has taken several measures to align the peace process on the right track. The LTTE which stands only for separatism is taking more time than needed to understand the true meaning. But, that is not the only reason for the government to worry. Some local and international NGOs, backed and pushed by the LTTE are in a concerted effort to put a blackmark on Sri Lanka in the world map, shouting to the outside world that Sri Lanka is violating human rights.

It is obvious that to safeguard human rights, war has to end. War is something bad and at the same time disastrous as well. Then, the only alternative is to take measures to avoid it. The NGOs have failed to understand this reality and turn a blind eye to the blatant human rights violations in the areas controlled by the LTTE: child recruitment, killing of political rivals, suppression of freedom of expression and illegal taxation, the major issues which go unnoticed by these NGOs. Furthermore, the violence and intimidation have become the order of the day in those uncleared areas.

What these undesirable elements tried to do was to table a resolution against Sri Lanka on violations of human rights at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) sessions which concluded last week. The European Union (EU)-led allegation was to put the Sri Lankan government's peace process and development targets in jeopardy. Anyway, at the last minute the UN Council took the right decision and threw it out.

Representing Sri Lanka at the fourth UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva were Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, Attorney General C. R. de Silva, Sri Lanka's Ambassador in Switzerland, Mrs. Sarala Fernando and other high officials. The Sri Lanka delegation explained the country's real situation and the UN was fully satisfied with the SL Government's process to protect human rights despite an ongoing separatist war in the North and East.

Geneva based sources further said that the Minister's speech at the session and his two hour discussion, later, with the UN representatives including all EU Ambassadors based in Geneva was good enough to get the `right picture' of the country's North-East situation.

Understanding the fact that Sri Lanka still functions as a matured open democracy where the rule of the law still prevails and where even the main political parties have agreed to cooperate to advance the cause of national interest and the national security, while combating 26 years of separatist suicide terrorism, it then decided to reject the resolution.

Minister Samarasinghe who led the delegation to Geneva took the opportunity to show the world that it was not the Government but the LTTE which violates human rights in broad daylight. He had also briefed the UNHRC sessions about the LTTE attack targeting several foreign ambassadors in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, internal political sources revealed that the government is also in the process to bring the four independent commissions, overcoming past failures in doing so. A delegatee who did not want to be identified told the `Sunday Observer' that except in a war like situation, the government in no way would encourage human rights violations.

At the same time, the Government had to condemn the defamatory propaganda campaign launched by Amnesty International against the country and the national Cricket team which is in a winning mood at the World Cup tournament. Chief Government Whip, Highways and Road Development Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and several other Parliamentarians showed the House that AI and several NGOs had tried to show the world that Sri Lanka acts against human rights laws.

It is true that any kind of violations of rule affects the State sovereignty. Having understood this, the government is dedicated to a long-term negotiated political settlement assisted and agreed by all political parties in the country. The opportunity has been made to go for a broad spectrum of choices without being misled by pieces of paper this time.



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