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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





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Wattala claymore targets VIP convoy?

Was the 12 kilo claymore mine bomb found at a Cable television shop at the Pearl Park Supermarket at Wattala aimed at a VIP convoy or against any other economic targets like the Sapugaskande Oil Refinery or the Colombo Port? The plan to attack the Refinery was foiled following the arrest of a top LTTE cadre last week in the Mount Lavinia area.

Police investigating the claymore mine bomb attack said they were looking for another person who is knowledgeable about the bomb and where it was intended to be taken. However the person had disappeared after Army personnel from the Welisara camp recovered the mine concealed in a room at the cable TV shop.

On receipt of information the supermarket was searched by a team of Army personnel last Thursday and found a remote device in the drawer of the proprietor. On a further search the claymore bomb weighing 12 kilos was found in a room along with other merchandise.

Later, Wattala police visited the shop and arrested the proprietor along with five employees which included two women. The suspects were produced before the Wattala Magistrate and were remanded till investigations are completed. Police are investigating on how such a big claymore mine was smuggled in to Wattala. Timely detection of the claymore mine, thus prevented a major catastrophe, police said.

Further inquires are being conducted by the acting OIC Wattala Police, Inspector Randeniya.



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