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DateLine Sunday, 8 April 2007





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Notorious gang quizzed

A notorious gang wanted in connection with several robberies and extortion cases in Mount Lavinia, Piliyandala and Moratuwa areas were taken in for questioning last week when they walked into a trap set up by Piliyandala police.

A police team from Piliyandala lay in ambush at Puwakgas junction in the Piliyandala area last Thursday and took in questioning two men who came in a three-wheeler taxi to collect for Rs. 400,000 from the wife of a businessman. The incident happened around 6.30 p.m.

The two suspects had earlier demanded a ransom of Rs 400,000 by threatening the businessman. The woman in the meantime complained to OIC Piliyandala, Chief Inspector Lionel, who laid a trap to apprehend the two suspects.

Police questioned the two suspects and learnt that the threewheeler driver was from Pita Kotte, who had worked earlier for Moratu Saman, the dreaded underworld character shot dead at Moratuwa five years ago. The other man was identified as a native of Sigiriya. It was subsequently revealed that both suspects had robbed several establishments and were involved in several extortion cases.

Meanwhile, Piliyandala police recovered a van that was robbed by the two men recently. OIC Piliyandala Chief Inspector Lionel with other policemen are conducting further inquiries under the direction of SSP Mount Lavinia A. Arsaratnam.



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