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DateLine Sunday, 22 April 2007





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New Year holidays

When both parents are working, what do the children do? :

Unlike in the good old days when we had neighbourhood children and cousins and family friends'- children who were almost invading our homes to play with us, today's children hardly have anybody for their companionship. "I do not like to send my child out that much due to many reasons," says Padmini, the mother of 6-year-old Manjali.

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The lives of Keyt

In memory of the 106th birth anniversary of George Keyt:

Almost everything that Keyt wrote and drew during this period was influenced by Buddhism. Many poems, stories, articles and drawings were regularly published in W.E. Bastian's Buddhist Annual, the main popular Buddhist publication in English. The titles show the range he covered - 'The Arahan a poem', 'Buddhism and Ethics', 'Jayamangala Gatha - a translation', 'Migara - a tale of old Ceylon'.

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