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DateLine Sunday, 22 April 2007





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Hide & Seek

Charm-Pee points pen at Gota

Charm-Pee, the Ed type has shown her true colours in dancing around a Tree, like going around the Mulberry bush. Having accused Gota to please some elements, she has now provided ammunition for the interested parties to gun him down through a well-organised media propaganda war. She has lost several close media buddies after her distorted version.

Lankan HC to visit Bee-Bee-See?

Don't be surprised if our High Com in London makes a surprise visit to Bee-Bee-See to express 'solidarity' and find out whether scribes there are enjoying media freedom Chill-Coat may well ask his vis-…-vis in You-K to follow the 'example' he set by visiting the mirror that comes Daily.

Ra-Blue, Asian Op Leader?

Tree-Man had to chair You-En-Pee New Year celebrations at Shri-Kotta as Ra-Blue was holidaying in Bhutan. Many party stalwarts were angry to see Ra-Blue skipping national events and making overseas tours. "That's because he is Asian Op Leader, that's why he celebrated his birthday in Bangkok and New Year in Bhutan", one whispered.

NGOs swallow Greek tsunami funds

The so-called NGOs which make a loud hue and cry on human rights have swallowed a staggering 70-80 million euros sent by the Greek people as Tsunami relief. The Greek government has asked our foreign types to make a state level investigation.

Am-Nest-Tea-LTTE link? What is the link between the Am-Nest-Tea and the LTTE? Nothing, except for the fact that the terrorist sympathiser who ran on to the field during the Sri Lanka-Australia World Cup cricket match, had a controversial Am-Nest-Tee dirty ball in his hand.


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