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DateLine Sunday, 6 May 2007





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Government Gazette

Rains may spread contagious diseases

Health Ministry warns:

The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry has warned the public to be vigilant as the rainy weather may lead to the spread of contagious diseases in many parts of the country.

"We urge people to take care of their health and pay attention to food and drinking water," a Health Ministry spokesman told the Sunday Observer.

He said the heavy downpour in many parts of the country, specially in Colombo has brought most of the low lands under water and this could lead to the spread of contagious diseases such as diarrhoea, as water could be contaminated.

'Dengue and chikungunya may raise their ugly heads again due to the prevailing weather conditions, the spokesman said. The spokesman said the Ministry calls upon people to drink boiled water to prevent health hazards. The public is also advised to consume properly cooked meals.

The Ministry has instructed health officials at district level to be extra vigilant these days.



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