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DateLine Sunday, 02 December 2007





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An innocent child - victim of Prabhakaran’s carnage

Security guards mix up priorities

The LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran unleashed yet another blood thirst act on Wednesday, exactly 24 hours after his so-called 'annual speech' in which he manifested his clear desperation over his shattered dream of Tamil Eelam, claiming the lives of another set of innocent civilians.

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Forces run over LTTE bunker line

Heavy clashes erupted in the Mannar front in the Wanni Defence lines, between the Security Forces and LTTE last morning. Defence sources said the troops continuing on a preemptive strikes at the terrorists' strongholds in Mannar have run over LTTE's first bunker line at Manthai in the south of Adampan area.

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Defence Ministry rejects allegations on VoT strike

The Ministry of Defence yesterday rejected allegations by international media organisations that the recent air strike on the Voice of the Tigers (VoT) of the LTTE terrorists is a 'war crime'.

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