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DateLine Sunday, 02 December 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically professionally qualified partner with sober habits sought for professional 40 yrs. K/G/B well known family charming accomplished kind hearted well employed owns assets willing to migrate. Reply with horoscope

A Colombo Bodu Govi parents seek suitable sober son for their fair pretty well-mannered 38 yrs 5'4" never married (till finishing her postgraduate studies) MSE PhD in USA now she is working as a research Scientist in a company in east coast USA. Owns assets over 15 million in Sri Lanka. Resident in USA preferred. Reply with details and horoscope.

A respectable educated Catholic from Colombo suburbs seeks partner for fair charming daughter, owning substantial assets, divorced, plaintiff, no encumbrances, 36, young looking, good qualities, differences immaterial. Email:

A suitable loving partner below 40 is sought by Govi Buddhist parents for their daughter pretty 33 (looks 26) fair 5' professionally qualified employed in an International School at Nugegoda as a teacher. Reply with horoscope in Sinhala / English. E-mail

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by Bodu, Govi, business parents for their youngest daughter 35, pretty, slim, fair, height, 5'4" and holding an executive post. She has considerable assets including a house. Reply with horoscope. 94-47-2234084.

A GB Senior professional seeks for daugher, 28 yrs 5'4" slim fair with postgraduate qualifications, employed in London (UK/SL dual citizen), a professional partner below 33 yrs preferably a resident of UK/Australia. Send horoscope and family details. 94-11-2853682.

A pleasant well-mannered and educated partner is sought by Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo for their slim, fair daughter 22 yrs of age, 5'7" in height. She was educated in a leading private Buddhist School and completed her higher education in the UK. She is BSc qualified and currently reading for her Master's in a reputed University in the UK. Her only brother works in the UK. She will be in Sri Lanka in December for the vacation. Please reply with family details and horoscope with the contact telephone numbers. Email:

Academic / professional partner for Sinhala Buddhist MBBS doctor 5'2" 36+ divorced brief marriage. No encumbrances doing post graduate training in Melbourne. Those in Australia may also apply.

An educated bridegroom sought for B/G 37 5'6" pretty fair divorcee Colombo English Graduate Teacher University Instructor

Australian citizen Sri Lankan born G/B 5'5" professionally accomplished girl employed in senior level with a large Australian compay in Sydney. She is independent kind hearted and values Sri Lankan lifestyle her professional parents seek an educated young man of mid / late thirties with sober habits domiciled in Australia or willing to migrate for marriage. Send all details with a copy of horoscope to email or post

B/G parents seek professionally qualified suitable partner with sober habits below 35 for their 29+ 5' pleasant doctor daughter employed government service. Reply with horoscope non-malefic.

Bodu Govi parents resident California seek educated well mannered age between 25 - 28 partner for their pretty daughter 24, 5'6" studying computer engineering in California university. Relationship leading to marriage. Contact with family details and horoscope. U.S.A. preferred. E-mail:

B/K parents seek kind, educated professional (preferably in the US) for their kind, slim, attractive, 27, 5'4" daughter with Buddhist values, and interests in sports and music. Has BA and MBA from prestigious US universities and works as a Consultant in a reputed management consulting firm in California. Visiting Sri Lanka in mid Dec. 2007. Please reply with horoscope and details or call 011 2372760. Email:

Brother in Sri Lanka seeks marriage partner for sister G/B 25, 5' pleasant, Canadian citizen working in reputed Canadian company. He shall be a teetotaller doing higher studies / working. Please reply with horoscope, family details.

Buddhist Govi parents seek partner for fair pretty daughter 39 years 5'2" Advanced Level Bio Science qualified fluent in English. Dowry house property Dehiwala worth 20 million and 10 lakhs cash.

Buddhist Karawe respectable family living in Sweden seeks professional partner for slim, pretty 29 year daughter with pleasant qualities Chemical Engineer with major in environmental Chemistry & well employed. Reply with details and copy of horoscope. Email :

Canadian resident Sinhalese Christian professional lady, 40 (5') olive complexioned slim attractive with many interests including travel, dining out entertaining and outdoor activities seeks educated gentleman of preferably similar background and interests for marriage in the short term future currently awaiting divorce innocent party no kids gentleman in similar circumstances, widowers, innocent party divorcees or single dads also considered. Should be willing to migrate. Reply with full details and contact phone number in first E-mail to :

Colombo G/B retired respectable parents seek academically professionally qualified partner for their slim pretty daughter graduate teacher (Japanese) 30, 5'1" non-malefic horoscope owns property. Reply with horoscope family details. Tel. 94-11-2834703.

Colombo Sinhalese well connected family of very good standing seeks partner of similar background in late 30s / early 40s, well educated, employable overseas, for attractive daughter 5'5". Daughter educated overseas, degree and Chartered Accountant UK, professionally well established abroad, willing to relocate, currently visiting SL. Reply only by e-mail :

Father seeks professionally qualified son for only daughter aged 35 pretty fair slim 5'4" tall looks much younger employed as Senior Officer in Airline. Holidaying here in December. Respond with details. Horoscope.

Gampaha Govi Buddhist mother seeks well mannered partner for educated pretty daughter aged 41, 5' employed in computer field in private company owning house household items. (Willing to migrate preferred). Differences immaterial. Reply with telephone number. 94-60-2129508.

GB Colombo suburb parents seek a suitably qualified partner below 40 yrs. preferably in USA for their 37 yrs. 5'3" MSc (USA) qualified pretty daughter, living & working in USA. Respond with full details & horoscope. TP. 94-11-2837968. Email:

GB professional parents seek partner for 23 y pretty daughter with Masters from prestigious US university, drawing very high salary. Prospective partner could be in SL/UK/USA. Reply with horoscope, telephone and other details. Email:

G/B family sought an academically and professionally qualified partner to settle down in England for the youngest who is a highly qualified professional in the Medical research field. 38 years (looks 30), 5'4", very fair, pretty religous. Elders will be available in SL January. Reply family details and horoscope. (No divorcees). Telephone 94-11-2542856 / E-mail -

G/B parents seek for their eldest daughter Australian citizen, Sri Lankan born 30 years 5'5" Accountant working in Sydney a suitable qualified partner preferably from Sydney. Reply with family details horoscope and phone number.

Govi Buddhist business family seeks professionally qualified or well established busin- essman for our pretty daughter 21 years 5’3” educated at British School in Colombo at present preparing BCom Degree in Melbourne dual citizen Australia Sri Lanka, dowry Colombo 07 house valued over 200 million. Reply with copy of the horoscope.
OB-8116, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Govi Buddhist parents presently in Australia seek a professionally qualified partner for their only daughter BSc/MSc qualified, age 31, height 5’4”, slim and attractive. She’s currently employed in a leading IT company in Melbourne. Horoscope available, please reply with family details and a copy of the horoscope. Email:

Govi Buddhist parents seek academic professional join fair pretty scientist daughter 37, 5’4” Australian PR proceeding Australia Ph.D. December. Dowry available. Australian PR holders preferred. Quick replies appreciated. E-mail:
OB-8128, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Govi Catholic parents seek a suitable partner for 36 year old daughter (5'5"), CIMA qualified and working as an accountant in a private organisation willing to migrate to Australia. Reply with details. Email:

Muslim parents seek a suitable partner for pretty daughter 26 5'3" doing PhD on scholarship at Vancouver Canada. Email

Overseas resident K/C professional, lady 40 (5') attractive slim with many interests seeks gentleman of preferably similar background for marriage. Presently separated pending divorce in the near future innocent party no kids widowers, divorcees or single dads (innocent party) also considered. Should be willing to migrate. Reply with full details and contact phone number in first e-mail to :

Professional parents seek a professionally qualified sober, smart son from a respectable family, to take the hand of a smart pleasant, only-child. Academically B.A. (Hon), professionally state counsel, teaching, elocution (ATCL), University visiting lecturer for English. She is fair, slim, versatile. Reading is her habit. Reply with family and horoscope details. Kethu-1 Uthrasala Rewathie compatible. A/SL citizen.

Respectable Govi Buddhist family seeks a well-mannered partner aged 40 to 47 from a similar family for their well-accomplished, fair, beautiful very young looking daughter, brought up with traditional Sri Lankan values. 5'1". Reading for MBA in UK. Will inherit substantial assets. Visiting SL in December. Reply with horoscope.

Respectable Colobmo B/G mother seeks suitable partner for 35, 5'2" pretty slim fair educated and employed at leading private school as qualified montessori teacher. Reply with horoscope. E-mail:

Respectable Sinhalese Buddhist family is searching for a suitable educated professional partner for well brought-up daughter. She had education from Sri Lanka and having completed PhD from a USA University she is currently working there. She is 42 years old, but looks very young and never been married before. She is fair, attractive and kind. Please respond to :

S/B/K Colombo parents seek educated partner for 27 yrs MBBS daughter 5'3" fair slim pretty. Reply with horoscope family details in first letter. Confidentiality assured. e-mail

Sinhala Buddhist aunt seeks partner for 39 y pretty niece, looking much younger with Masters from US university with very high earning power. Prospective partner could be from SL or abroad. Email:

Sinhala Buddhist professional parents seek a suitable partner for professionally qualified 35 yr daughter well-employed in U.K. Assets in UK and Colombo. Call 94-71-5402878.
OB-8131, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Sinhala Roman Catholic mother seeks for her 33 year old daughter 5'1" fair good looking preschool teacher a partner with a sound job. Dowry substantial cash plus newly built house Colombo suburbs. Caste, religion immaterial. No family encumbrances. Reply with full details.

Visvakula Buddhist parents presently residing abroad seek a qualified Sinhalese professional with good character, personality and caring nature at least 5'8" tall, residing and working abroad, for our only daughter who has completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in UK and currently working in Middle East in a multinational company. She is 27 years old, 5'4" very fair, pretty with good habits and a pleasing personality. Reply with horoscope by post or Email – (

We are seeking a suitable educated bridegroom for our sister. She is well educated with postgraduate qualification from USA and working in a USA university now. She is 42 years old but looks much younger and never married before. She is fair, slim, kind and down to earth. We are Sinhalese Buddhists. Please reply with horoscope to:



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