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DateLine Sunday, 9 March 2008





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Across the ferry at "Kattoogastotte"

When a Governor danced on a bridge

The newly built Katugastota bridge was opened for traffic during the governorship of Henry Ward at the Northern End of the picturesque hill city of Mahanuwara. Today it is back in the news in the context of the envisaged re-construction project by the President.

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Music that moves the human heart

Hindi music is very close to Sri Lankans in many aspects. First of all, we have a culture that is closely related to the Indian civilization. Our languages have the same Sanskrit foundation. We can easily understand the emotions of Indian people.

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Changes are wonderful

When I resigned from my second job, the most prestigious of all the ones I have held till now, I convinced myself "changes are wonderful". I now realize how true this is. Now years later I feel I have arrived, by fits and starts, at a place I have always dreamed about.

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Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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