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DateLine Sunday, 16 March 2008





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Trust to be trusted...!

“There is an intrinsic quality in human consciousness to trust and to be trusted. Everybody enjoys being trusted. It’s a respect from the other person and when you trust a stranger, it is more so. There is no reason to trust him, and still you trust him.

You raised the man to such a high pedestal, you value the man so much, it is almost impossible for him to fall from that hight. And if he falls, he will never be able to forgive himself, he will have to carry the weight of guilt his whole life”.

-Osho- one of the greatest thinkers lived in India.

Trust : The dictionary defines it: worthiness of being relied on, faith, to believe.

Do you doubt others always? Isn’t it difficult to live in that manner? You have to trust people and what they say...remember, not always. There’re times that you really have to trust others and keep faith in them. Why do we need to trust people ? Because you won’t be able to lead an ordinary life if you’re going to suspect every one all the time, if you often and disbelieve others, it’s beyond my imagination that how you would live in a society. Trusting others is an essential component.

I will cite some examples in order to command how important it is to trust others. Also remember, suspecting others all the time brings futile results, trusting everyone every time too brings many unnecessary consequences.

Trusting people, neither in an excessive manner nor in a suspicious manner, is important. I’ll cite an example. You are sitting in a bus or a train and suddenly a natural urge arise and you want to get up from the seat. And you are afraid that if you get up and go, your seat will be occupied by someone. What would you do? Wouldn’t you tell the person seated next to you to take care of your baggage and to hold the seat for you? Then the person would nod his head and agree to take care of the baggage until your return.

Why did you do that? Why did you trust him? He is a total stranger. You have never seen him in life. You saw him only a few minutes ago. When you arose from the seat to go out, you kept your trust in the stranger and believed that he would hold the seat for you.

Many problems arise between two or more people when they lose their trust in each other. For example between two friends, between husband and wife or between fiance and fiancee or between two business partners. Imagine the moment when your partner will lose the trust in you, how miserably would you feel? Lot of problems arise when people have no trust in each other. Especially when it comes to team work. Team spirit means the trust among all players.

An eminent philosopher once said “ It happens everyday in your life too, whenever you trust somebody it becomes impossible for him to cheat you, to deceive you”.

That is true when you trust someone that person can’t defraud you. Say, when your good friend ask you for a loan, you trust your friend that he or she will return your money. Because you have that trust that your friend won’t deceive you.

If you did not trust your friend and didn’t extend your favour out of doubt that your friend won’t return your money, when he or she is in a need, how can you ask a help from that person in return?

I have experienced it, when I trust someone it is very difficult for that person to deceive me or to be unfaithful to me. That is because of unforeseen magical power of trust.

Trusting yourself

Before you trust others, you should first trust yourself. It might sound absurd. “ What is the purpose in trusting myself and how to trust myself? Those question might arise in you.

Osho said “Trusting is possible only if you trust in yourself first . The most fundamental thing has to happen in your being first. If you trust in yourself, you can trust in me, you can trust in God. But if you don’t trust in yourself, then no other trust is ever possible”.

When you trust yourself, do you know that you evidently become strong? The man who believes in himself proved to be a very strong personality. When you trusts in yourself that you can do great things, your thoughts are strengthened through which your act. No one is able to defeat you. Because you are never ready to accept defeat since you have a immense trust in yourself.

People who trust themselves are never let down. I quote one of the thinkers who has written about elite of a person who trusts himself. “A man who trusts himself is an independent person. You cannot predict about him, he will move in his own way. Freedom will be his life.

He will trust when he feels, when he loves and then his trust will have a tremendous intensity and truth in it. Then his trust will be alive and authentic. And he will be ready to risk and for his trust - but only when he feels it, only when it is true, only when it stirs his heart and intelligence. Otherwise not.


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