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DateLine Sunday, 13 April 2008





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Astrological predictions for Sinhala - Hindu New Year

Piyasena Rathuwithana Manjula Peiris

Astrology is associate with many national festivals in Asia. The planetary changes occurs in the Sinhala-Hindu New Year season is presumed to be effective to human life.

Manjula Peiris, young astrologer has been making astrological forecast both in the electronic and print media for the past many years. Here he gives the astrological predictions for the twelve stars according to the planetary changes that have taken place this year.


The year starts for Aries with Jupiter (Guru) in the 9th House, Saturn (Shani) in the 5th place. Good year for business ventures. Gains from your siblings and neighbours are shown. You will attend to religious activities both at home and elsewhere and pilgrimages to remote places often.

You will also partake in many happy events. Success could be achieved because of your mature out look towards day to day life. But, do not take this for granted as when you enjoy the good results often, you tend to ignore or neglect the golden opportunities that would knock on your door.

So, always be vigilant as this year promises many favours in life. Expenses on your child an indicated. If you wish to have a baby, it’s advisable to follow your doctor’s advice to avoid complications.

Auspicious Day - Sunday, Colour - red, Number - 4 and Gem - Coral or Ruby.


Your Lagna Lord Venus (Sikuru) is in the 7th House while the Lord of the 12th House, Mars (Kuja) is in the 2nd House. Act with due diligence. Mix results along with a loss of wealth indicated. Avoid signing agreements or as guarantors. Be cautious against spending on unproductive investments.

Try to get postponed Court hearings if you have a case, at least by forwarding medical certificate as matters connected with Law would not be in favour of you. Guard against ailments or injuries to face and neck. Not a favourable year for your spouse. However, slight fortune shown in property matters. Better ventures shown in building constructions and plantation.

Auspicious Day - Friday, Colour - white/cream/yellow, Number - 6 and Gem - White Sapphire or Diamond.


Mercury (Budha), the Lagna Lord and the Lord of 4th House are in the 7th House. Property matters indicated. Be cautious over the accidents released with water. Death of a close relative and an expense associated indicated. Though you are known as a religious person, you tend to feel like avoiding meritorious deeds during this period.

So, be aware of that. Good time for those who are unmarried as you will be endow with married proposals. Unexpected gains shown. Favourable time for those who are in politics. You tend to get associated with influential people. You will develop intelligence and foresight. Success shown in day to day life.

Auspicious Day - Thursday, Colour - green, Number - 3 and Gem - Emerald (green stone).


Lagna Lord Moon (Chandra) in the 3rd House. Saturn (Shani) is in the 2nd House and Jupiter (Guru) is in the 6th House. Loss of wealth is shown, but simultaneously you can claim for the wealth of somebody else. Heavy expenditure shown. Be extra cautious over the matters at your working place like losing of your job, a transfer or a journey to a remote land indicated.

Guard against health ailments and rival activities. You will have to seek aid and assistance from others. Though a woeful period ahead, try to think positively while engaging yourself more in religious activities. Pay more attention to your studies.

Auspicious Day - Monday, Colour - Cream, Number - 1 and Gem - Pearl.


Your Lagna Lord Sun (Ravi) and Jupiter (Guru) are together in the 5th House. Though you are under Lagna-Saturn Erashtaka, this year promises good development in many facets of life. Property matters indicated. Though you could reap better results you would feel wretched, and mental disturbances shown.

You will tend to seek new ventures in education. Excellent gains in exams and promotions shown. But, guard against adversaries and envious activities with whom you assume are close to you. Opportunities to travel abroad and success in love affairs shown.

But, you might feel lethargic and lazy in your day to day work. So, try to get more physical exercises to avoid this condition. You would fill your place with things often through out the year.

But, you tend to stress your mind on pointless matters, and it would affect you psychologically. Too much of mental strain would affect you physically, and if you let it continue you tend to have a mature appearance than that of your age.

Wearing a ring with a Blue Sapphire and getting involved in religious activities as much as possible would reduce the adverse effects of the planetary change.

Auspicious Day - Tuesday, Colour - red, Number - 1 and Gem - King Sapphire (Padmaraga).


Mercury (Budha), the Lagna Lord and Karmasthanadhipathy are in 4th House. Heavy expenses shown. Be cautious as you tend to feel lost and would get involved in illicit and illegal affairs even without your knowledge.

But, Property matters, obstacles for career developments, lethargic feelings and inability to take right decisions also shown. Dejected travelling ventures and woeful incidents might occur. Business developments, success in exams and moving to a new house or constructing a new place indicated.

Auspicious Day - Wednesday, Colour - green, Number - 5 and Gem - Emerald (green stone).


The Lagna Lord and the Lord of 8th House, Venus (Sikuru), are in the 2nd House. A best year in every aspect. Excellent gains in property and wealth shown. Good for ventures in handicrafts and documentary work. Association with influenced persons indicated. Travelling opportunities shown. Benevolence you experience from outside tend to fade away once you return home. Guard against health hazards.

Auspicious Day - Saturday, Colour - Blue and multi - colours, Number - 3 and 6, Gem - Diamond.


Lagna Lord and 6th House Lord, Mars (Kuja) is in the 8th House. Loss in wealth, property and money matters indicated. Friends tend to become foes. Meanwhile, promotions and increments shown.

Simultaneously you will experience big controversial occurrences such as covetousness of those who are close to you, and receiving appreciation from those away from you. Obstacles indicate. A bad period for one of your adults. Relatives will seek your assistance. You won’t run short of anything. Studies you have been engaged in tend to get changed, and you would develop interest in studying some strange subjects.

Auspicious Day - Tuesday, Colour - red, Number - 4 and Gem - Ruby.


Lagna Lord and the Lord of 4th House, Jupiter (Guru) is together with Sun (Ravi) and Mercury (Budha) is in the 1st House. You would spend lavishly on others. Gains in wealth as well as heavy expenses indicated. Be wise and cautious in everything you do. Avoid association of influenced people as you tend to get caught to spend on them as well. Loss of a friend or close relative shown. Moderate results in educational matters. If you develop an enmity you would have to enhance a lot of effort and waste time to eradicate it.

Try to prevail only with what you have been engaged at present and avail from stepping into new ventures.


Day - Wednesday, Colour - yellow, Number - 8 and Gem - Yellow Sapphire (Pushparaga).


Lagna Lord and 2nd Lord, Saturn (Shani) is in the 8th House with Kethu. You are under Shani Ashtama Erashtakaya. Heavy expenditure shown. Hence divert it to a better venture such as sending your child abroad or spending it on religious activities such as `Katina Pinkamas’ and other meritorious deeds to reduce the adverse effects of the planetary changes.

Tension and strain in the day to day professional life shown. You would have to exhaust yourself a lot to gain things which you acquired earlier without much effort. A temporary separation from your spouse, children and family indicated due to a journey to a remote place.

Guard against the illicit liaisons and scandals which would give you adverse reputation. You tend to seek assistance from witchcraft, but cautious over deceptive performers. Guard against mental strain, heart diseases and ailments in blood circulation. So, be optimistic and act wisely if you encounter a problematic situation.

Auspicious Day - Saturday, Colour - blue, Number - 9 and Gem - Blue Sapphire (Makara Nil).


Lagna Lord and 12th House Lord, Saturn (Shani) is in the 7th House. You might develop an interest to learn new things. Gains in property and wealth, success in career developments and benevolence experience in whatever you do shown. If you are a person who has lost your job, be positive as you would definitely get your job back along with compensations. Excellent year is ahead.

But, if you are expecting a child, it’s better to get medical advice more in order to avoid complications. Guard against the health of your mother. Guard your tongue otherwise you would tend to get involved in unnecessary problems. New house constructions and new relationships shown. Good for health. Auspiciousness: Day-Thursday, Colour-red, Number-3 and Gem-Dark Blue Sapphire (Kaaka Nil).


Lagna Lord and 10th House Lord, Jupiter (Guru) is in the 10th House along with Sun (Ravi) and Mercury (Budha). Decline in the present position indicated, so be patient and wise whatever you do. Heavy expenditure shown. But simultaneously you would have unexpected gains such as a lottery luck at the end of the year. Good for love affairs. But, however the more good you do, you tend to get a bad name, so be cautious about it. New career opportunities along with new technological and industrial ventures shown. However you tend to reap moderate results from most of the things you involve in. Destruction of enmity indicate. But, guard against health ailments such as eye diseases.

Auspicious Day - Thursday, Colour - yellow, Number - 3 and Gem - Yellow Sapphire (Pushparaga).

Meanwhile Piyasena Rathuwithana has been in the astrological field for nearly 30 years. At present he works as the Consultant Editor of the `Subasetha’, weekly Sinhala periodical of the ANCL publications of Lake House. He gives some predictions for the country along with a few things about individual stars for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year.

The planetary changes occur along with the dawn of the Sinhala Hindu New Year seems good for the country and the Government. Economical developments indicated.

Since both the Sun (Ravi) and Moon (Chandra) are well positioned in the horoscope chart of Sri Lanka, the Government would shine with many triumphs with enmity destruction, and gains of assistance and aid from neighbouring countries. New developments in roads and highway constructions indicated. But, special attention should be paid for the uplift in the educational field.

Aquarius (Kumbha) is the Lagna of the horoscope of Sri Lanka. Saturn (Shani) has moved to the House of Leo (Sinha) in the Lankan horoscope.

Every time in the history when the similar planetary change occurred, it has given strong and favourable results for the native authorities.

Bestowing more power for the locals by increasing the number of local Members of the Parliament from 10 to 23 in 1918, gaining Independence in 1948 and the socio and economical change took place in 1977 are the prominent occurrences we can give as examples from history.

So, along with the present change, more power will get instilled with a leader who has threaded Parliament from the village in the South of the Country who knows the happy, grief and the pulse beat of the common people. Hence President Mahinda Rajapaksa would gain glowing recognition both locally and internationally.

Around 16 planetary changes and 22 planetary wars will occur from time to time in the year through. The Nekatha of the dawn of the New Year is `Pusha’ which belongs to Saturn (Shani).

The Government should guard against the secretive enmity and conspiracies especially after April 30.

The security condition should be strengthened as well. But, all that would be revealed in no time, as the strong planetary positions (such as `Kuja-Shani Yoga’ in the 11th House along with a `Kuja and Chandra Parivarthana Yoga’) in the horoscope of the present President are powerful than any other leader born to this land so far.

The auspicious times for the Sinhala and Hindu Aluth Avurudu as recommended by the `Avurudu Committee’ of the Cultural Affairs Department.

Dawn of the Avurudu: At 6.29 p.m. on April 13 (today).

`Punya Kaalaya’ (period for meritorious deeds): Today - from 12.05 p.m. to 12.53 a.m.

So, finish all your work before 12.05 today and engage in meritorious deeds and indoor Avurudu games with your family.

Auspicious time to cook milk rice: At 6.54 p.m. today, adorning clothes in red and yellow colours and facing the South.

`Veda Allima’ and `Ganu Denu’ (auspicious time to start your work for the new year): Today at 8.10 p.m., adorning clothes in red and yellow colours and facing the South.

`Hisa Thel Gema’ (Anointing oil on the head): At 7.42 a.m. on Wednesday, April 16, facing the East, adorning clothes in yellow-green colours. Apply oil and `Kohomba’ leaves juice on head, hanging `Kohomba’ leaves on head and keeping `Kolon’ leaves to the feet.

Leaving for work: The best day to leave for work is at 6.19 a.m. on Thursday, April 17, after consuming milk rice, wearing golden coloured mix clothes and facing North. If you want to make it earlier, the alternate best time to leave to work in the New Year is at 6.20 a.m. on Wednesday, April 16, wearing green coloured clothes and facing the North.

Gains and expenses pertaining to each Star (Lagna) is as follows:

Star Gains Expenses

Aries (Mesha) 14 11

Taurus (Vrushabha) 06 05

Gemini (Mithuna) 14 02

Cancer (Kataka) 08 14

Leo (Sinha) 01 09

Virgo (Kanya) 14 02

Libra (Thula) 06 05

Scorpio (Vrushchika) 14 11

Sagittarius (Dhanu) 11 02

Capricorn (Makara) 05 05

Aquarius (Kumbha) 05 05

Pisces (Meena) 11 02



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