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DateLine Sunday, 13 April 2008





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New Year greetings

Sun’s journey from Pisces to Aries

The celebration of Sinhala and Hindu New Year in the month of April also known as the “Bak Masaya” is regarded as one of the main cultural celebrations among Sinhalese and Hindus. The day the sun completes one full round around the earth is called the “Parana Avurudda”. And the day it starts a new route is called the New Year.

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Peace and harmony

Sinhala and Hindu New Year dawns today. Amidst the preparations for the auspicious event you may be having a load of aspirations for the coming New Year. Here are some thoughts on the year just begun.

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Haute Couture of stunning creations

Sri Lankan internationally acclaimed designer Dinesh Chandrasena:

Young and famous, a name synonymous with haute couture, fashion and designer wear creations for Hollywood celebrities and an incredible world renowned clientele he has taken Sri Lanka to greater heights creating a niche in the industry globally: Dinesh Chandrasena, the only designer for the eminent ‘Claire’s Collection’ designer wear

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Sunday Meeting
Face to Face

Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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