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DateLine Sunday, 4 May 2008





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Government Gazette

Multi-million rupee development projects for East

Following liberation from Tiger clutches:

The government has implemented multi-million rupee development projects in the Eastern province following the liberation of the Eastern province from LTTE clutches.

Infrastructure facilities such as highways and road development, the health sector and sanitation facilities will also be developed.

Secretary, Nation Building and State Infrastructure Development Ministry W. K. K kumarasiri said that Rs. 17,000 million was allocated for economic and infrastructure development activities in the Eastern province. A spokesman for the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry said that the government had allocated Rs. 450 million to develop the health sector.

The funds were spent to develop hospitals, dispensaries and ward complexes. The government assisted farmers to increase agricultural output under the Nagenahira Navodhaya program. Rs. 2,935 million had been spent to renovate the Agrarian Service Centres, fertiliser warehouses and minor tanks.

The government distributed 64 two-wheel tractors under the Yen grant for agriculture equipment.

According to a spokesman for the Road Development and Highways Ministry, the government intends to develop the road network in the province to provide better transport facilities.

The Periyakallar causeway, Koddikallar Causeway, Kalkudah-Valachchenai Road, Oddamawadi-Vahaneri Road, Padiruppu Vellaveli Road, Valachchenai Nasivanthivu - Navaladi Road and development work have been completed, he said.

He said that construction work on the Ambilanthurai - Weeramunei Road estimated to cost Rs. 641 million funded by the Asian Development Bank is now in progress.

The Vocational Training Ministry had launched vocational training programs in the province to produce skilled employees for development activities. Three new training centres have been set up at Nithavur at a cost of Rs. 98 million, Samanthurai Rs. 230 million and the Central Camp Rs. 122 million.

Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources G. Piyasena said that work on the Trincomalee Podduwakattu fishery harbour construction is nearing completion.

The government spent Rs. 230 million for this project. Construction work on the Batticaloa-Valachchenai fishery harbour and Ampara Oluvil fishery harbour is also progressing, he said.

The government has improved 17 fish landing sites and constructed several fish retail outlets in the Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee districts under the Nagenahira Navodaya program last year, he said.


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