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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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A suitable partner below 35 yrs is sought for a youthful Karawe Buddhist 41year well employed commerce professional and systems engineer. Australian citizen, 5’8” and divorcee. Must be educated, healthy, fluent in English, of pleasant character and willing to reside in Australia. Same caste and religion are not mandatory. Please reply with full family details. Email: [email protected]

A suitable partner below 35 yrs. is sought by Sinhala Buddhist Govi (not caste conscious) parents of a son with means. He is smart, fair, well qualified, Engineer with doctorate working in blue chip company overseas and has an excellent character with Sinhala Buddhist values. [email protected]

B/G parents Colombo suburbs seek partner willing to migrate or in Australia at present, for their son 41 5'5" T/T N/S very young looking well employed Australian resident in Australia. E-mail: [email protected]

BG professionals seek for son 37, Medical Consultant NHS 5'9" slim fair holidaying Sri Lanka mid June professional partner, willing to reside UK. Tel. 94-112868170, 94-776474014.

Catholic Burgher parents seek pleasant girl from UK for son 27 handsome 5'11" studying & working in London. Email : [email protected]

Catholic mother seeks a pretty partner for her UK domiciled handsome son 5'8" 31 years old, well employed in a leading international bank in the UK, owns a house in London, presently living with family now in Sri Lanka for a short visit till 24th May. E-mail [email protected] Tel. 94-775281324.

Colombo G/B parents in Government sector seek educated partner, values Sri Lankan Buddhsit customs for son 29, 5'6" M.Sc graduate, PR holder in Australia (Melbourne) with sober habits. Fair, beauty preferred. Recently hope to come Sri Lanka for vacation, horoscope necessary. Email: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist divorcee 53 from respectable southern family residing in Colombo District owns agri:- company, assets non-smoker 5' 11" height (looks younger) seeks kind sociable lady with good personality and means below 48 for early marriage. Buddhists preferred. Reply with horoscope. Email: [email protected] (non malefic).

Kandyan GB parents academically qualified resident in Kandy seek for their son 32 years 5'11" slim fair, studied in the U.S. currently employed as a business analyst in a reputed Bank in the U.S. a bride preferably working in the U.S. Reply with horoscope.

Respectable Sinhala Buddhist parents Canadian citizens seek pretty slim educated partner those who presently in Canada or US preferred for their professionally qualified son well employed 31 years, 5'11" smart handsome born and educated in Canada. Caste immaterial. Parents will be in Sri Lanka till 5th June. Please reply with horoscope Tele Number and relevant details. Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist parents residing in Australia seek an academically/professionally qualified pretty slim partner willing to migrate to Australia for eldest son 26 years of age 5'7" in height Monash graduate well employed in Australia. Shani in 7th house. Reply with copy of horoscope and family details to e-mail: [email protected] Tel: 94-112519223.

Son kind and caring 30 years 5'10" B.Sc UK. Well employed in UK. Living in own home. Partner for him sought by Buddhist parents, government officers living in Colombo suburb. Should be professionally qualified lady willing to live abroad. Overseas proposals also welcome.




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