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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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The birth place of Prince Siddhartha

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Significance of Lumbini

Lumbini is near Siddhartha Nagar (Bhairawa) in the area now known as Rummindei in Nepal just 10 Km from the Indo-Nepalese border touching the district Basti in Uttara Pradesh. This Buddhist site is the birth place of Prince Siddhartha in the B.C 6th century.

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Adhering to Buddha’s Dhamma:

Overcoming difficulties

Anichcha, Dukkha and Sansara mean impermanence in the recurring cycle of birth. Siddartha determined to discover a panacea of the universal suffering. At the age of 29 he abandoned his private life and decided that the time was ripe for him to leave the palace in search of a way to be free from the sorrowful cycle of rebirth.

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