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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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Five S concept helps Kelani Cables increase turnover, market share

The practice of the five S concept and team work has helped Kelani Cables to increase its sales turnover and market share within a short period, said Managing Director, Kelani Cables, Hemantha Perera.

Chairman, Mawbima Lanka Foundation, Ariyaseela Wickramanayake presents the certificate to Managing Director Kelani Cables, Hemantha Perera. Chairman, Kelani Cables, Upali Madanayake is also in the picture. Pic by Sudath Malaweera

He said by introducing the five S concept the company was able to instill discipline, develop skills and build confidence among employees. The sales turnover has increased by 100 per cent and the market share has grown within a year.

The five S concept is a management system practised in Japan and is accepted by global corporates as an effective management tool to improve efficiency and build confidence among employees.

Eliminating unwanted procedures, cleanliness, order, standardisation and training are the principles of the five S concept which has helped big corporates to achieve their goals", he said.

The consistent improvement of quality, customer care and leadership have been the driving force of the company's growth. The regular communication through the joint consultative committee and exchange of views has brought reputation to the company by winning awards for quality, productivity, business excellence and practice of the five S concept.

"Despite many challenges Kelani Cables was able to reach a profit mark of Rs 3 billion last year and a 35 per cent market share.The company's wide distribution network helped to achieve its targets", Perera said.

Perera said that they will launch telephone and instrumentation cables shortly. The company manufactures welding transformers and submersible pump cables.

The cable industry faces many challenges. The company will introduce unmatched products and venture into new export markets this year.

Kelani Cables founded in 1969 by P. A.P .B. Wijegoonawardena as an import substitute during the controlled economy is one of the first cable manufacturers in the country. The company exports electrical, telecommunication cable and enamelled winding wires to India and the Maldives.

The company obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and has won many accolades such as the National Quality Award and Industrial Excellence Award in 2006 and 2007.

Kelani Cables was awarded the Soorya Sinha Logo by the Mawbima Lanka Foundation recognising all brands as truly Sri Lankan. The Foundation which was set up last August has awarded the accreditation to over 200 companies.

Marketing Manager Kelani Cables, Anil Munasinghe said the company will invest on new products to promote sales of local products through the Gane Ape De concept.

"The attitude of our consumers towards indigenous products can be changed only by marketing quality products", Munasinghe said.


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