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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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Cambridge qualifications - the path to career success

The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has delivered high quality examination and assessments for 150 years.

Every year, more than 1.5 million students sit Cambridge examinations in 150 countries. Cambridge qualifications have an excellent reputation among schools and universities worldwide, said Regional Representative Sri Lanka Nirmali Hettiarachchi.

At CIE, we recognise that parents, students, teachers and school administrators are all involved in the process of education. Parents want their children to receive a high quality education and gain prestigious qualifications that are internationally recognised. Students want their time at school to be interesting, enjoyable and rewarding. Schools want their students to achieve good grades, she said.

CIE is committed to encouraging positive educational experiences and providing qualifications and services that are relevant, accurate, reliable, affordable and internationally recognised. Our qualifications are designed for all students and are available for a wide range of abilities.

The University of Cambridge International Examinations is a not-for-profit department of the University of Cambridge.

This heritage of educational expertise makes Cambridge qualifications justly renowned for developing vital educational skills. Students develop the ability to recall knowledge, solve problems, make decisions, evaluate information and investigate subject topics.

They also develop lifelong learning skills that will prepare them to keep pace with an ever-changing world.

Cambridge O Level has been offered by CIE for over 50 years. It is a modern qualification that is regularity updated, offering a flexible course of study that gives students the freedom to choose the subjects that are right for them.

The most important principle of Cambridge O Level examinations is that students are rewarded for positive achievement - what they know, understand, and can do - rather than being penalised for an accumulation of errors. Cambridge O Level also provides an excellent foundation for International A/AS Levels and is directly comparable with Cambridge IGCSE and the UK GCSE.

Cambridge O Level and A/AS Level are recognised by top universities around the world. Of particular relevance to Sri Lankan students is that they are recognised by universities in all the most popular destinations for higher education. UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India.

Cambridge qualifications open up the path to career success - students wishing for a professional career, for example in medicine or technology, will find that Cambridge qualifications are highly respected and academically rigorous.

Top international schools from around the world offer Cambridge qualifications. In Sri Lanka these include Lyceum International Schools, Wycherly International School and Alethea International School.


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