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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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Fujit, says Hayleys Consumer

In this age of SMS-driven linguistic shortcuts and communication devices that take pictures, snap-happy Sri Lankans have been given a new word - 'Fujit' - to describe the activity and process of photography as a fun pastime.

Conceptualised by Hayleys Consumer Products Ltd. (HCPL), sole representative in Sri Lanka for Fujifilm as an inspiration for a new campaign to enthuse amateur shutterbugs, 'Fujit' also celebrates the dominance that the brand has achieved in the local market.

Director and CEO of HCPL Trevor Reckeman said, "From film rolls to processing chemicals, photo printing paper and digital minilabs, Fujifilm is now the photography brand in Sri Lanka.

Whether one says click-it, save-it, process-it or print-it, Fujifilm will be there; so why not simply say Fujit?" Fujifilm now accounts for 62 per cent of the film rolls and 54 per cent of the photo printing paper used in Sri Lanka and has set up more than 68 per cent of the digital minilabs in the country.

"It is a natural progression that dominant brand names evolve into generic synonyms for their categories," said the Head of the Imaging and Information Business Unit of Hayleys Consumer Selvaratnam Nimal.

"We plan to provide a catalyst for this process with a series of exciting campaigns and promotions in the year ahead that will win over more fans for Fujifilm and ignite a new wave of clicking in Sri Lanka."

"Clicking is no longer reserved for special occasions and we would like to encourage capturing life in all its candid best," he said.

Hayleys Consumer has enlisted the zest of glamour girl Anarkali Akarsha and the vibes of the popular Sinhala musician Nalin Perera of 'Marians' for a series of multimedia campaigns that will launch 'Fujit' to an already receptive guidance during May.


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