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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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A cow speaks...

“Where is the milk of human kindness?”

I am a brown coloured cow named Ratthi. I am harmless and people think I look very innocent.

I always help people. Many grateful people call me ‘Kiri amma’ because I give them milk. They really care for me; they feed me and bathe me on time. I am treated like a friend of the family. Some people sell the milk my relatives and I produce. The fresh milk is also converted into other products such as powdered milk, cheese, butter and so on. Some make curd and yoghurt too.

In India we are treated like gods. There are many in India who are poor, yet I think they are all rich in nature because they are kind to us.

I turn my blood into milk to feed my baby. But I also feed your babies; they grow big and strong most often by drinking my milk also. Sometimes our babies are deprived of the milk, in order to feed yours.

I see many people who are wealthy, but they have poor human qualities. They make good use of me and my relatives, but when we grow old they exchange us for the tainted money of the butchers.

Even though Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, the majority are Sinhala Buddhists. They observe the five precepts.

The first precept is Panathipatha veramani sikkhapadam samadiami which means ‘we shall not kill animals’. But this is not observed by many.

We also like to live. So, on behalf of all cows, I appeal to you ‘Please don’t sell kiri ammas like us to the butcher, at any cost. Don’t eat kiri ammas’ meat too’.May all beings be free from harm and danger!

Anger - let’s keep it at bay

It is not unusual to get angry in our day-to-day lives. But, have you ever thought about the harmful effects it has on your physical and mental health in particular, and on society in general?

Anger means the annoyance of a person when he/she is faced with an unexpected situation in life. It occurs due to numerous reasons. People who lead stressful lives tend to get angry more often.

If you too are quick-tempered, it’s better to analyse the reasons for your anger. Sometimes anger occurs due to no valid reason. Sometimes even though there may be a good reason for you to be angry, remember it is not going to help change what has happened. Anger is not the best tool to sort out any problem.

When we get angry, the level of adrenalin hormones in the blood increases. Then the blood pressure goes high. Continuous high blood pressure could lead to heart attacks and other health complications.

Anger destroys the purity of the mind. It usually robs people of peace of mind and eventually only repentance remains.

Anger is harmful not only to oneself, but it also destroys social connections. No one likes to keep company with a quick- tempered person. What’s said and done in anger could destroy friendships and relationships for ever. So, one could easily say that ‘Anger is the enemy of love’.

In order to avoid getting angry or to keep your anger in control, firm steps should be taken by you. It’s not good to react to anger. There is valuable advice which is observed worldwide. It’s “count from 1 to 10, then from 10 to 1 when you feel angry.” You should keep in mind that by getting angry you are only taking revenge from yourself for a mistake done by another.

Anger is a normal human trait. But, what’s of value is the manner in which a person keeps a control on his/her anger.

A plea to God!

Oh! god, we are surrounded by weapons and fear, our future is revolved around this dangerous war. Day by day we are losing valuable lives. If it continues, the entire world might turn into a huge graveyard.

In the future no one will be left to smile or cry, fight or be friendly, or even live or die...

Oh god! There are many who say that You can do anything. So, can you please erase all bad memories from our minds, while erasing, jealousy, selfishness, greed as well as anger, and fill our hearts with pure love and kindness?

Please destroy all bad things and poverty too and recreate only new and good things.

The world is suffering from the horrible illness of war, which has only one remedy; Peace.We must bring peace to the world at any cost to stop the loss of human lives. Please give us peace as an immediate relief.

I wish to see happy faces everywhere,Oh god! sprinkle happiness on Earth and fill this world with joy which everybody can share with each other. Let PEACE govern the whole world!

Importance of recycling

Today polythene has turned out to be a threat to the environment especially in our country. Polythene doesn’t decay or blend with soil. The polythene that is thrown away by the people remains there for a long time, making the environment unclean.

Apart from this, empty cans, broken bottles and kitchen refuse are put on the roads, making the roads and the entire environment not only dirty but also foul smelling.

There are two important reasons for the need to recycle. The first reason is to prevent the environment from being polluted by the undecaying materials.

The second important reason is that recycling saves the natural resources and is economical too.

In developed countries recycling is being carried out by the local councils. Scrap papers and cardboards are converted into useful items such as dustbins, bags, cards and so on.

Due to recycling, many trees are saved from being cut down. Similarly recycling of glass containers and broken glass pieces conserve the natural resources such as silica sand. We should take serious steps to make recycling compulsory.

It is our duty to keep the environment clean and protected and conserve our natural resources for the benefit of the future generation.

At the feet of the Buddha

Oh Lord,
Give me a chance
Yes, I plead for your mercy!
For I never wanted to kill
Kill innocent animals.
I promise, yes, promise
At your feet
Do forgive me please...
For I did it just once,
Just to feed my child
I have no other source of income!
What will you say now?
To keep my loved ones in hunger?
Oh! no... no...
I’m sorry my Lord,
I won’t kill animals in future
That’s true
They also have a right
A right to live
Of course I know!
Not just to live for us
But live a life that’s free

My motherland

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean,
Standing without any motion,
A home for the Buddhists,
And other minorities and faiths.

It’s full of rubber and tea,
This brings joy to me,
The rivers are full of gems,
I am very proud of them.

This is my motherland,
Which is the best land,
I think I’m very lucky,
To be the child of this Sri Lankan mummy!

My brother

My brother is Nipun. He is eleven years old. He likes to eat pizza and drink orange juice. His favourite colour is red. My brother often jokes. Sometimes he fights with me. His hobby is collecting stamps.

My brother goes to Carey College. His favourite subject is science. His birthday is on July 26. He helps to do my work. He likes to be an engineer when he grows up. I love my brother very much and he loves me too.

The adivasies

The Vanniela aththo , adivasies or Veddas are the oldest people of this land. They are hunters. They lived in caves and tree houses in those days. They wore only animal skins and leaves.

They have knotted hair. They use stone and wooden weapons such as stone axes, knives, and the bow and arrow to hunt and do work. They mostly ate uncooked food in the past because they knew to preserve food. They used the skin of pumpkins to store honey and water. Herbs, berries and leaves were used as medicine.

In ancient days they worshipped the sun, moon and stars because they had no religion. Today, many of them live modernised lives.



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