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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Memory Lane

Wedding Bells

This month is full of weddings, Samadhi is already planning to go on leave to attend a friend’s wedding, I have few to attend too, fortunately all evening weddings. This week Memory Lane is going to be filled with wedding stories. Well, what I mean is, as we hear the wedding bells ring our mood is on for some ‘cool’ and ‘watch out’ stories.

Samadhi and I were walking on the road looking for a place to buy a packet of lunch in the afternoon. So on our way we saw this cutely decorated wedding car which was ready to take the couple on their honeymoon.

On one side of the car window in huge, fashionable letters there was a line which read ‘Baby, take a chance on me’. We both stared at each other and burst out laughing, well at the same time at the back of my mind I was left with a question; is it right to take a chance with your life partner? Phew, I guess it’s better to leave it as it is....

But other pranks pulled by friends of the groom can be harmless. Sometimes an some salt is put into the welcome drink. And I know a someone who adds a mixture of things to put into a bag and gave it to the couple as a present.

A collection consisting two torches, herbs, ‘paspanguwa’ and balm were all put into a cement bag, wrapped up and given to the newly weds. Harmless pranks are fine but sometimes - the booze coupled with the music and the mood of the moment - these escapades get a little out of hand.

I once attended a grand wedding. Why I call it grand is due to many reasons, the arrangements were perfectly done, at the right location, relations, friends and most importantly with a sweet bride and a smart groom. The evening was filled with loads of glamour, blessings and fun, until all the friends of the bridegroom got heavily drunk.

The music was on, every one was swaying to and fro. Then some of the guys were teasing the couple which is common during many wedding ceremonies. Another set of his friends came and lifted the bride groom while singing and dancing.

They were carrying him towards the swimming pool and the bride did not like the scene, so she walked fast towards them, unfortunately they thrown him to the pool by then and the groom’s head hit the gutter of the pool and he ended up with an injury. All the great fun they were having turned into a disaster. The grand wedding turned in to a nightmare.

I have also come across couples who go for honeymoon in bullock carts where the groom is riding and the bride is seated beside him. The friends also hang all garbage such as used tins, cans and strings which will make the couple embarrassed, to ride in public road. But these kind of things are done just to boost the joy of the wedding spirit, they say.

There is one thing I have always being fascinated to see, it’s the ‘bridal shower’ which generally takes place the day prior to the wedding day. This day is completely reserved for the bride-to-be, all the friends get together and arrange a party either in a grand or smaller scale.

One important thing of this day is that the party is entirely reserved for the female friends of the bride and it is filled with fun and friends do bring pretty little gifts for her as well.

Unfortunately I have attended only one bridal shower but I have heard and seen pictures and video of similar events. What I realised is that in western countries, it is more of a tradition to arrange a bridal shower. Up to now I have not been lucky enough to plan one for any of my friends but my sister says it’s lot of fun. So I’m counting on organising one at least for Samadhi’s big day.

There is a special day for guys as well day prior to the wedding, its called ‘bachelor’s party’. Well, I’m not too sure what exactly is happening over there because I have never attended one. It is once again strictly reserved for men.

“One day of living with the wife, makes a man ten years older”, this is a common avowal made by the majority of men for their benefit, I guess. So bachelor’s day is generally celebrated in a massive way and they sometimes even call it the last day of their freedom.


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