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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Love Forever Spoken

Anuki’s Diary

Dear lovers,

The charm of thoughts

In our day to day lives when we carry out your duties and responsibilities, it is natural that you come across situations where you have to fight to find a way to express your feelings to your partner. In connecting with your partner lies the secret of demanding confidence with each other.

Once a while still having a busy schedule, my lover called me up to check whether I had my lunch. I was not in a mood to have any lunch because of a disagreement I had with my sister. I think he sensed that I was upset and wanted to discuss what it was.

Knowing that he was busy, I did not wanted to discuss about it at that moment, instead I told him that we could discuss it some time later when his free. But, then he sounded kind of down after hearing my answer. Anyhow, I asked him to have his lunch without worrying about me.

During the same evening we attended to a friend’s party. On our way, ‘silence’ played the role of his majesty between us. When serving the drinks as usual his charming gentlemen qualities popped out. He picked a drink for me first. I gave a mushy smile and started enjoying the cool drink while having a chat with our friend.

Out of the blues the friend asked what I had for lunch, Instead of replying I decided to remain silent, then he said, “Don’t tell me that you both skipped lunch,” and surprisingly I glanced at my boy friend wearing a question mark on my face. But he remained silent.

So, on our way back home I asked him why he missed the lunch? All he said was knowing that I was without lunch he didn’t feel like having lunch too.

Dear lovers, this may sound more childish, but remember when communicating with your lover the natural way of expressing works most. I was sad because he skipped his lunch for me but at the same time I was happy to realise that his love is so simple and tender.

Let me get to the root of this; it’s all about your thoughts or the way of thinking. It is the ability to understand a person not only with your head but also with your heart. In this particular situation that he is placed in, just the way you wanted have found yourself in the same situation. This kind of understanding that extended to a level of experiencing compassion for another person is the charm of loving, thoughts.

The Sweet Spectre

‘You’re like a ghost,
continually haunting me,
during the exam-time....’
You grinned sweetly,
At my frivolous remark,
And asked ever so innocently,
‘Oh! Dear, why do you call me a ghost?’
‘Because, whenever I turn back,
You’re right behind me....’
‘Oh!’ you exclaimed in delight,
Staring lovingly,
Into my eyes....

But, now in your absence,
My dear ghost,
I feel ever so lonely,
Ever so sequestered,
That I believe,
You’re a sweet ghost,
A wondrous wraith!


How fascinating to see
Sun beam and a rain drop together makes the
spellbinding rainbow,
How wonderful to see
Thousands of little Stars brighten the
Moonless mid night,
How amazing to see
Millions of dead Sea creatures form the
priceless coral reefs
How meaningful to see me
Waiting ages blindly for Somebody
who frowned me,
who cursed me,
who refused me,
Who left me years ago...


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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