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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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Vibes Vessel

Not in the morning, but at night

You promised to come soon,
But you were too late
To come before
Our first baby's birth
You were taken in a
Long black polished box
Amidst their drum beat
Nothing could wake you up
It was like,
A nightmare.

I have become
A miserable widow,
As they say,
Who is no good to be seen
In the morning
At night!

Oh! It's getting dark,
It's the time
When nocturnal birds fly out
To find their preys
Mercy, mercy on me

Black bird,
Leave me alone for today,
First wedding anniversary!

Vesak Full Moon Day

Sal flowers were in full bloom
Perfuming the air with fragrance
The golden beams of Vesak Full Moon
Shone over Earth
Conveying the blessing ever great
The Birth of Prince 'Siddhartha'
The Buddha to - be!

Another Vesak Full Moon day dawned
With the greatest message to the world
That the Gautama Buddha
Has attained Enlightenment
At the foot of the 'Bo' tree
Shattering evil Mara's
Previous attempts of obstructions!
The full moon beams enhanced
With the radiance of six-coloured rays
Spreading from the Great Master's body!

It was another Vesak Full Moon
That brought the saddest tidings
Of the great demise
Of the Exalted one, Lord Buddha
Between the twins Sal trees of Kusinara
Every being and the whole nature mourned,
Hence, all Buddhists should commemorate
This 'Thrice Blessed' day
With good thoughts and deeds
Rather than with glamour and splendour
Buddhists should cultivate compassion
Sympathy, generosity patience
Towards all other beings
And live in peace and unity!
May all beings be well and happy!

Precious Time

Between birth and death
There is a span of time
Moving in mini moments of time
If lost these moments, gone forever

Be serious about your waking up time
Be serious about your schooling time
Be serious about your study time
Be serious about your exam time

In this global epoch of time
A whirlpool of competitive time
Use appropriate T.V. and Computer time
So best manage you limited time

As students use a table of time (Time Table)
Get everything directed by a schedule of time (Time schedule)
Both curricular and co-curricular time
Helping parents well at the proper time

Time gives you confidence and stability
Time gives you power and strength
Time gives you fame and prosperity
Time gives you joy and elation

Be a time honoured person in time
During your worthy life time
Using your so precious time
Most wisely, with care and caution

Vesak Full Moon

With the dawn of the month of May;
Every Buddhist await this day
Sanctuary found in every heart you may say
An unforgettable person remembered today
Kusal is what should be done on Vesak day.

Faithful devotees crowd the temples;
Under the guidance of venerable monks
Laymen observe five precepts;
Listening to Pirith, the Buddhist deliverances

Mentor of kindness;
O'Lord Buddha, the sacred
Observe this wilderness
No more hatred

The Universe

Celestial bodies that we see
Planets in the universe
Stars in the sky
Milky way we live
Galaxy all belong
Universe large long new world
Mercury closest and hot
Venus shining and beautiful
Earth had life
Mars is red and iron in soil
Jupiter is the biggest
Saturn with rings and rings
Uranus with a small white ice ring
Neptune the coldest planet
Pluto goes out when we see it
Leader sun, our leader sun
Sun emits light and glitters
and emits heat
Sun is hot
it has Helium and Hydrogen
it catches planets and round around
Pluto, Ceres, Charon, 2003 UB 313
Challenged Pluto and went out with Pluto
Went, went with Pluto

To my loving sister

I think this is the time to say goodbye
coz for the betterment of us
you always broke my heart as much as you can
whenever you get a chance
But I had to accept it

I couldn't do that because, I love you
But did you ever realised that I was really
hurt by your decisions
I hid those from you because I didn't want
to hurt you
Hope you can understand my feelings by reading this

But my dear akki how can I forget you
I hope that one day all will realise
I'm waiting for a good reply
Remember my dear akki you are always in
my heart till I die

To my dead beloved

It took no years
But only six months
to say goodbye
for your last journey

We were blessed with love
But not with marriage,
as it was against
the wishes of our parents

I felt the beat of your heart
But our parents didn't
I saw the tears in your eyes
But they didn't

I stand before you,
not to say goodbye
but to say
"to be mine forever"

A word to an aspiring poet
Don't just think, Feel
Don't just celebrate, Emote
Exercise your mind, certainly
But do not be afraid of your heart.
You will be surprised
How much you can draw from it
If only you will free it from your fears

Drop your sensations, feelings and expressions in to Vibes Vessel at [email protected] Or Vibes Vessel, The Sunday Observer Magazine, No.35, D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha, Colombo 10.



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