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DateLine Sunday, 18 May 2008





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Inside hackers

The mirror that comes daily had its own survey to predict the Eastern polls. Though the result indicated the governing types would win, they were compelled to carry it in their website. Then came a message from Ra-Blue to his uncle. The poor webmaster could do nothing but cancel the result, saying that hackers had invaded their web. Poor Champi girl!

Ha-Cream to return

Ha-Cream, who boasted that he is resigning as an Em Pee and making a sacrifice, is planning to go back to the House of Diyawanna. Having lost the EP polls badly, Ha-Cream now wants an Em Pee post back, this time from the list that is national. Will this be another sacrifice?

Shattered dreams

Ha-Cream was the happiest as some media 'developed' a contest for the CM post in the East. He sent several messages to His-Bull, saying that he should be there for the Muslims. Ha-Cream was merely trying to make political advantage after his dream of becoming the CM was shattered.

Ra-Blue vs. Es Bee

A cold war has erupted within the Elephant Party ranks as Ra-Blue and Es Bee lock horns for the leadership. While a majority of seniors campaign to find a new leader after the 17th successive defeat, Ra-Blue is gunning for Es Bee, the only threat to his fading leadership.

First move

Atta-Leader had a secret telephone conversation with Es Bee after the Eastern defeat. They discussed new ploys that could be adopted to put an end to the Elephant Party's series of defeats. The main obstacle they have identified is the leadership but they are not going to make the first move.

Ageing Wedding Sam

Many of Wedding Sam's happy and gay friends have deserted him. One could not see the youthfulness in Sam's face today unlike in the good old days. The ageing Sam has become an expired commodity in the Elephant Party kitchen. The deaths of Sun-Arachchi and Attana Baba and successive defeats has demoralised Sam terribly.



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