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DateLine Sunday, 15 June 2008





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Former Nepalese King Gyanendra gestures towards media representatives before addressing a press conference at Naryanhiti Palace in Kathmandu on June 11, 2008. Nepal's ousted King Gyanendra said in an address to the nation that he "respected" a decision to abolish his Himalayan monarchy as he prepared to leave his palace for the last time. -AFP

Deposed king vows to stay in Nepal

Nepal's former king said Wednesday he is not going to leave his country even though the monarchy has been abolished. Ex-King Gyanendra, 60, made remarks to reporters before departing the Narayanhiti royal palace in Kathmandu.

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Obama VP team discusses 20 possible picks

Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential search team on Tuesday shared with a Democratic senator the names of about 20 people under consideration to be the presumptive Democratic nominee's running mate.

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Japan vows future emissions cut

Japan will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80% by 2050. Announcing the target, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said Japan could match the EU in cuts over the next 10 years, but did not set targets on this timescale.

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