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Sunday, 18 January 2009





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DSI Supersport - a home grown brand

DSI Supersport has been the No. 1 choice due to its many special product and brand attributes that has made it a preferred brand; and enviable position it has enjoyed with generations of school going children.

Starting with the selection of the best quality raw material and accessories and the extensive research and development that takes place at the DSI factory, the Supersport brand goes through an intense testing schedule before it is cleared for production. Thereafter even during the production process, random sampling and testing of the various items in the range is carried out as mandatory. This commitment to quality complemented with the latest designs from around the world ensures that customers get the best value for money in school footwear. It's quality proven, tested and manufactured in configuration with very modern footwear manufacturing technology. With the extensive network of over 185 DSI showrooms and 2,500 dealers islandwide, DSI has proved itself not only as a home grown brand , but also a brand that serves the consumers at their convenience.

A spokesman for DSI marketing wing D. Samson & Sons Limited said "Customers have come to trust the DSI Supersport brand due to the various aspects of production that is carefully monitored from design, production to distribution.




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