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Planetary change and its impact on you

continued from last week

Deshabandu Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena

Saturn entered Virgo, mercury's rashi on September 09, 2009 at 12.01 a.m. (mid night) ending its 2 year, 1 month 23 day stay in Leo rashi, its enemy. (It was on July 16, 2007 that Saturn entered Leo). Virgo (kanya) is a friendly rashi of Saturn as it is the rashi of Mercury.

As Saturn entered Virgo, its lord Mercury was in the ascendant (Uchcha), the best way a planet could be positioned. That means Mercury was positioned quite powerfully in Virgo at the time of Saturn's arrival. For example, if the host is quite powerful and is in high spirits when the guest visits him, the latter would develop a high regard for him.

Eminent astrologer Deshabandu Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena elaborates on the planetary change that took place on Sept.09, 2009 in an interview with the Sunday Observer.

This planetary position is favourable to the country, government and people.

It was in 1979 that we experienced a similar planetary position and it was President J.R. Jayewardene who ruled the country during that period. It was a jubilant period for President Jayewardene. Likewise the new planetary change will bring good results to the Government and President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In less than three years, the Government could end the war which dragged on for over 30 years. Likewise the country will undergo tremendous development during the period the planet Saturn stays in Virgo (till Aug. 4, 2012) .Sri Lanka will experience yet another planetary change shortly which will also bring good results to the entire country.

The Lagna of Sri Lanka is Aquarius (Kumbha). On October 4, 2009 the planet Uranus who is in his Swakshetra will enter the first House of the country's horoscope.

As a result Sri Lanka will undergo a massive development in all spheres specially in transport, education, tourism industry and health. I am sure we will be able to find oil resources in our land.

I am certain that destruction caused by natural disasters would be minimum during this period. Sri Lanka will gain international recognition and fame.

How the planetary change will affect your lagna:

Aries (Mesha)

Saturn entered Virgo which is the sixth house of Aries (Mesha). As we know Mercury is the lord of Virgo. Those who had been suffering from health problems and who are confronted with trouble from enemies can get rid of them. New planetary position is highly favorable for job aspirants. Since Venus has Dig Bala (directional strength) in the 4th House which denotes property there's a chance of acquiring property. You will receive much support from your maternal relatives. If you aspire to buy motor vehicles this is a good period. Since the Moon is in the lagna, 1 st House, you may expect great social recognition and you'll be able to realize your dreams.

For those who await career promotions, it will take some time for their aspirations to become a reality. You have to be extra careful as there's possibility for you to face situations which will adversely affect your reputation.

Taurus (Vrushaba)

Saturn has entered the 5th house which denotes education. Since education-friendly Mercury is in the 5th house as the Saturn enters, there is no chance for the latter to disrupt your education. Instead this is a powerful "yoga" which will bring educational success. Expectant mothers will give birth to lucky babies! Athletes are assured of victory. Since Venus is in the 3 rd House ,assistance from your siblings are shown. Your endeavors will become successful, even the visibly difficult ones. Due to the favourable positioning of the Moon, which indicates foreign tours in the 12 th House (the House which talks of ones ability to go overseas) you have the luck to enjoy foreign tours. This luck is further strengthened by the positioning of Rahu and Jupiter in the 9th house.

If you aspire to migrate to pursue your higher studies it will bring marvellous results. The period is also good for individuals who aspire to enter matrimony. It is also good for those who are engaged in joint businesses.

Anyway, it is not favourable for those who already have health problems. They will continue to suffer from their past ailments.

Gemini (Mithuna)

The new planetary position will definitely bring property prospects to you as the Mercury, the lord of the 4th house was quite powerfully (Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga) positioned in it (Virgo) when the Saturn entered. You will receive great fortunes especially from your maternal side. This is a good period to buy vehicles. Since the Venus is in the second house, you can earn high profit from business. You too will enjoy assistance from your siblings as your Sun is strongly positioned in the 3rd house.

Anyway since your 'Kuja' is in lagna you may face instances which would adversely affect your mental balance. So it is better to be extra careful. Since Jupiter is badly positioned (Neecha)-in the eighth house which denotes your life span, you may encounter obstacles. You may even lose your property.

Cancer (Kataka)

With the Saturn entering Virgo, Saturn Aerashtaka has come to an end. Anyway, since Jupiter is badly placed (Neecha) with Rahu in the seventh house you may face obstacles regarding matrimonial matters. Marriage aspirants will have to wait further. Joint businesses may be at a loss. Better to be careful. Anyway you may enjoy great mental relief as your Erashtaka period is over, though you may not experience great happiness as your Jupiter is badly positioned. It is only after Dec.20.2009 that you will be able to enjoy more benefits.

This is a good period for job aspirants. You will get assistance from your siblings. This is also a good period for those who wish to migrate.

Leo (Sinha)

The new planetary change is not quite favourable for those who belong to Leo lagna as the Saturn entered the second house. This has extended their Aerashtaka period. Aerashtaka will remain till August 04, 2012. Anyway they will be able to reduce the mental pressure that tormented them when Saturn was in their lagna. Though their Aerashtaka period has not come to an end they can get rid of their financial problems.

They will be better off financially. When the Saturn enters the second house, which denotes financial benefits, mercury is in ascendant in that house. This is highly favourable for those who are engaged in business.

Anyway you have to be very careful as you may face unexpected accidents and enemey problems. Be careful of your health. But as mentioned before during this period you'll be financially stable.

Virgo (Kanya)

When the planet Saturn enters virgo rashi , the first house, its lord mercury has Dig Bala in the position. This will help eradicate almost all the maleffects. So the new planetary change would bring good fortune to you, especially for those who hope to migrate and for those who expect foreign aid and assistance. Mercury denotes fame, and respect and the new position will bring them fame, social acceptance and popularity. This is a very good period for job aspirants. The new position will make their lives better though they are passing an Aerashtaka period. All the maleffects will diminish. All their dreams will come true and their endeavors will be a success. They won't face any critical danger until this period is over (2012 Aug. 4)

Libra (Thula)

Saturn arrived in the 12th house. Your expenditure may rise and you will encounter obstacles. After Sept.09, 2009, you may also be subjected to "Senasuru lagna Aerashtaka". They may face property loss and enemy problems as a result. It is better to be very careful.

This is not a good period for you if you wish to migrate. You may suffer business losses. Rahu is in the 4th house with debilitated (neecha) Jupiter which indicates property loss. Your mother may be struck by illnesses. You may meet with motor vehicle accidents. It is always better to be careful.

Scorpio (Vruchchika)

Saturn's movement will bring good results to you as it entered the 11th house of your horoscope. Ascendant in the 11th house will make you financially stable. You will definitely be better off financially.

The planetary position will bring good results to those who are engaged in gem business. Businessmen can reach lofty heights during this period. If you wish to migrate to a foreign country this is the best period. Fine period for students to pursue their higher education. If you intend to go abroad to pursue your higher studies this is the ideal period for you.

Anyway the new planetary position will not be quite favourable for those who are already suffering from maladies. Likewise since debilitated (neecha) Jupiter is in the 3rd house you may no longer get the assistance from your siblings. You have to be careful about that. Despite many obstacles, you will be financially better off during this period.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Saturn arrived in the 10 th house. Though it is said that Saturn in the 10th house would not bring good results it won't be so because Mercury, Saturn's friend is in the ascendant in the 10th house. This position makes a "Pancha Maha Purusha yoga" which is called "Bhadra".

This is good for your profession. You may become popular and achieve fame. The period is also good for job aspirants. This is a very good period for politicians. Since the Sun (Ravi) is strongly positioned in the 9th house , you may get chances to visit foreign countries. The period is favourable for those who wish to pursue higher education.

You may get a lot of support from your father. If your father was suffering from any ailment he may be able to get away from it.

Since the moon is in the 5th house , this is a good period for expectant mothers.

But you will face matrimonial issues that will adversely affect you.

This is not a favourable period for those who wish to enter matrimony.

Those who are engaged in joint business may suffer huge losses. So you have to be very careful. Anyway this new planetary change will not cause a major upheaval.

Capricorn (Makara)

You can await a good period. New planetary position brought an end to the "Lagna Ashtama Aerashtaka" which troubled you since July 16, 2007.

This period will be one of the best periods in your life. If you are a student pursuing higher education this is the ideal period for you.

You may be cured of ailments that made you suffer. Also you may get rid of the enemy problems that you had earlier. Your enemies will become your friends. You will achieve greater happiness and mental balance. Since the moon has 'Dig Bala' in the 4th house you will be better off financially. You will get assistance from your mother's relatives. You will be blessed with all the comforts- money, property, vehicles etc.

Aquarius (Kumbha)

Saturn has entered in the eighth house from their lagna. Though it is said that the new planetary position may cause a "Lagna Aerashtaka" period, it may not be so because the lord of the 8th house, Mercury is in the ascendant (Uchcha). As a result they may not suffer from the maleffects of "Lagna Aerashtaka." This is the best period for you to enter matrimony. Also good for those who are engaged in joint business. Good period for those who wish to go on foreign trips. You may get support from your siblings. You may enjoy good health and won't be confronted with enemy problems. You may achieve greater success in life.

This is not a good period for athletes. You may face petty issues because of your children.

Pisces (Meena)

Saturn entered your 7th house and it has "Dig Bala". Mercury is also there. Anyway this planetary change is not highly favourable for you though you may be able to get rid of certain maleffects that troubled you. Expectant mothers will be blessed with lucky babies. A good period for athletes and students. You may get assistance from your siblings and from relatives of both your mother and father.

All in all this planetary change will bring very good results to Mesha, Vrushaba, Gemini, Kanya, Vruchchika, Dhanu, Makara and Kumbha.

It will bring medium results to Kataka, and Meena. Though the planetary change is supposed to bring bad results to Sinha and Thula they too need not worry too much over it. By taking precautionary action and avoiding unfavourable conditions you can make negative effects minimum.


With regard to the article titled “You and your planets” which appeared on Sept.06, 2009 following amendment has to be made about the prediction of 1996 Indian elections.

“Lal Krishna Advani would never become the PM though he was the party president. It is Atal Bihari Vajpayee who would become the PM instead, but his tenure would be limited only for 14 days. He resigned exactly in 13 days and Dewe Gowda took over.”

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